Mama love x

Dear Mama dear Mother dear Mum

My Mother my first companion
Mother my dearest friend

Mother feet ever walking 

Steady footsteps heartbeat of your journey

Mother of my heart

Mother of my soul

You have given me love and life to make me whole

Mother hands I see always strong and tender

Making strumming playing planting carrying loving curing weaving healing winding spinning soothing calling calming

Mama makes life and soft wool to shawl it in

Mama is there and here and listening and singing

Mother is mama mamala mum music

Patient boulder of kindness

Trustful quiet tide

Love as simple as the sky

Tolerant as the stones on the shore

Strong and brave as the storm winds 

Gentle as the birds flight

Musical soundtrack of my childhood 

Quirky and generous uniquely you

Mother of my heart mother of my soul

You have given me love and life to make me whole

My world is a beautiful place with you in it x


One thought on “Mama love x

  1. Hey Mama Rosi! Fern and I are planning to be up your way at the start of Oct.. will you lovelies be around? Love Ra xx

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