Waking up to…


Waking up to

The ocean does something really wonderful to me! Particularly in the glow and cool of early morn as I stretch open my body and mind.

Then reading this post which inspired me and articulated gently a common thread in parenting.
Blessings on your day
Can you give yourself a simple intention for this day?

Thank you J for the photos

Waking up to…

Waking up to a full day.
I have a few drafts of interesting thoughtful wordy posts, yet they will have to wait as here and now I am wiped out by the heat of the day, the long hours on a blazing highway (sydney to Melbourne) the crisp golden tortured landscape, glaring light and engine buzz, cranky hot kids and it’s just been one of those long travel days.
It’s forecast to be 43’c tomorrow so we have tried to position ourselves close to Melbourne so a little morning drive completes the trip. I will be putting wet tea towels in the fridge to cool us…
This day began so cool in Jugiong with a chill wind, deep shade and a patch of thick grass for stretching, I had a great session, so inspired by my days at mangrove yoga centre last week. Finding it has strengthened my ability to focus quietly inwards despite external distraction. Simply connecting with my own breath and being.
then Jesse was joined by Cedar who mimics our postures!


Cutie boy had his second hair cut last night by his own insistence and was coyly hiding behind his big leaf for his portrait, also at his request…



I had a sweet date with the two shorts at the cafe but the shots are on the other camera…
Anyway there was
Lots of kilometers …
Lots of gold, parched slopes…
Little water, yet lush willows are squatting down in dry gully’s so it must be wet sometimes…
Jesse and I are both revelling in the feelings such an expanse of vivid sky reveals…
He reminds me I originally wanted to call this blog ‘ under open skies’ which was evocative and original i thought, but turned out to be a famous song and used by various others for a myriad of causes already. Boo.

And some swimming gratefully in man made lakes and then finally a halt is called and we spill outside as the sun finally lowers its invasive glare for the eve. Phew we survived.
This land is so crunchy underfoot , the fire hazard is extreme. I hope the rains come before any burning disaster.
Lily is showing a new found appreciation for food and commented today was a great eating day how do we do it mama?
Eggs and sourdough toast with tomato compote( cafe)
Nori rolls with all the trimmings
Cherries and lychees
More sourdough loaf with goats cheese pesto and salad.
Mm simple and tasty and no cooking for me today! Yay!
What do you feed yourselves when in transit?

And then I was so tickled by the beauty of the suns departure tonight!
I rarely see it set over lake water and tonight it really shimmered so peachily and peacefully
Ah sweet relief as the day cools
We are at lake nillahcootie, not an official camp spot but it seems quiet enough for an overnight stay.
Oh bed I love you! And I’m loving the new wool stuffed pillows I chose as our family Christmas gift!




Ps my blogging/boggling may not be chronological or consistent for a while as I adjust to being a traveling lady again and work within the bounds of technology and time on the road, I do a lot of imaginary blogging on busy days so I hope you enjoy those as much as I’ve enjoyed composing the words and stories which you may never get to read…

Waking up to…


i have become quite attatched to these animals

the hens and Mr Pantaloons are so amusing

as anyone who has spent time with hens knows

in that slightly daft and theatrical way which they behave

he really is very beautiful, a storybook rooster

with a fantastic crow

and he takes good care of his ladies

i’ve been playing farmgirl these last months

and it is sweet simple tasks which brighten the morning

and encourage one to get up early before it is hot

animals who love to see you every day consistantly boost one’s self esteem

{even if deep down i know it’s the one with the bucket they love….}

i have gained more confidence with these goat girls and can milk with a

great Heidi-esque splash now

i still cannot yodel, surely there must be a you tube tutorial on it…

must look that up

they are mischievous and daring

cheeky and personable

just like a story one girl turned around and started to nibble my hat

really! goats don’t really eat hats do they??

IMG_0898 IMG_0900

and then later i morph from farm mama into crafting mama

i had some lessons on setting up a table loom in WA

i never did post the photos… another day yet again

{do you wonder about behind the scenes and all i don’t share?

some of it is simply beautiful and disappears in the motion of the days of wonder

and some of it is the most ugly parts of my life which i hold tight to me in fear of what you or i might think or they are simply too raw to reveal on this medium}

anyway weaving.

lily received a great loom from aunty J for her birthday,

instructions in German where too complex

but yesterday i did it! {thanks mama}

success and away we went

the three of us a weaving team, the rhythm of our tasks helping something wondrous and special come together

for papa {shhhhh}

IMG_0913 IMG_0914



Waking up to…

Waking up to…

Heidi and Peter bringing in the goats for milking

{we have only just finished devouring Heidi by Johanna Spyri these last days, now look at our new reality!}

an enjoyable chore surprisingly!

I am nowhere near as dexterous as these young ones on the milking front…

I had always thought I detested goat’s milk, but here… yum, so sweet and mild

throughout the day i listen for the tinkle of the bell in the orchard and enjoy watching these nimble girls scamper about, balance up trees to peg down tasty leaves or frolic about in that particular goaty fashion.

I am enjoying the developing relationship with these curious, opportunistic, character filled creatures and am deeply grateful for their delicious milk and subsequent cheeses which our kind friend makes! Yum

something to love on the farm…

Waking up to…

Waking up to…

20121005-081825.jpgmorning sunshiney

239 stitches
My biggest knitting project yet
I love a little post breakfast knitting while I defrost

Nana teaching Lily some new embroidery stitches and commenting how they both like miniature crafting

Happy anticipation of this afternoons sewing…
Hope my throat gets better one day soon as much as I like all this quiet crafting I’m missing the garden…
What are you crafting today?

Waking up to…

Regal bamboo dancing
in a beautific sky


Our last family Sunday pancakes for a while as I fly to western Australia tomorrow with the children for a family visit

How about lilyS inventiveness with a pancake boat held with apple slices and filled with maple cream… Mmmm

Off to port Douglas markets
and a busy day enjoying my favorite tropical pasttimes

Blessings to you and yours

Waking up to…

Being joined in cosy morning snooziness to assist lily in making a cardigan pattern for her little doll Lilac. Knitting with Aracuania yarn, absolutely beautiful and soft, this turquoise is left over from a cape I made Lily last year.

Cedar found amusement with the needle packet! And hiding under the quilt. And then popping holes in the sheet with a knitting stick!
Ah a mamas Monday morning sleep in!


Waking up to…

I wrote this in early June and here it is belatedly…

Waking up to
A fresh dawn and
Jesse heading down to the headland to play Didge with the sunrise.
Feeling great joy when witnessing my partner do the things that bring him joy!
Feeling rested and relaxed after a quiet sleep which followed a challenging eve.

this is the gorgeous coast of Agnes Water

Cedar had a crying night last night, which translates to almost two hours of wailing and resisting sleep in the evening.
They come more rarely now, but this used to be a daily/nightly happening.
He could also wake up to twelve times a night !
The beginning of this year was a huge shift with Cedar receiving some
body talk sessions and beginning a course of homeopahics.
To compare, the night before last he happily laid in his little bed and murmured himself to sleep!!! Amazing for us!

I celebrate these nights of ease
and struggle with getting attached to how it can be when it’s not how I want it to be.. Sound familiar… Or muddled?
Then becoming frustrated and confused when it’s not like that all the time. Ah yes little grasshopper I still have a lot to learn!
And a lot of physical recovery still to go.
It’s not fun seeing myself becoming mundane and attempting to control my universe, or shutting down and becoming pessimistic and grim.
There is a deep exhaustion which wells up, I recognize the expression in my facial muscles! So does my family…
Therein comes the reminder that at least now I am seeing it and can work with those habits.
Sleep deprivation is a proven form of torture. There are many distressing and debilitating effects. A study was done on mothers with post natal depression where it revealed after a series of nights full sleep many of their symptoms where relieved. ( sorry can’t remember which study, or if it was three nights?)
( one symptom of sleep dep is memory loss!!)
This piece really struck a chord with me as I experienced terribly bleak times in Cedars infancy. ( and still occasionally revisit)
At the trough of it all I would wake up and think things like ” oh morning, nooo. This is horrible. I’m a terrible mother for hating my baby. My poor daughter who needs me too. No Not yet. I can’t face the day again…..” insert some bad language….
” I’m so tired I’d rather die. Just let me vanish from this reality. ”
Loving this tiny beautiful baby, but wishing he would simply disappear.
Depression was a terribly sad, angry , lonely and totally weird space for me to experience for such an extended period. I had no idea how consuming and distorting my head space could be! Or how miserable I could feel week after week.

Thinking that my life has so many blessings yet why do I feel so sad, anxious, miserable, negative, angry etc
What is wrong with me. Why am I so unhappy?
Some 16 percent of new mothers in Australia experience post natal depression, and there must be many more who don’t manage to get help and enter the statistic.
There are some great sites and resources if you or someone you know are struggling with your mind state or health.
24 hour call service PANDA
Beyond baby blues
Are two examples.
When I finally got it together to get help and she made a diagnosis of pnd, adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalances I felt oddly relieved. Kind of like when I confirmed my pregnancy. Scared and relieved and no more private worrying but the open acknowledgement that something is going on and I’m no longer wondering.
I could now move into the journey ahead.

we have often, (and still do at times) used the ergo and a walk as a sleep method


I am convinced now sleep is one key In mothering or fathering
It is so important to sleep, this time of physical recovery and respite.
Could you tag team with another adult?Forget the housework for today, you’ve got years of it ahead of you.
Can you afford to get help for a couple Hours each week?
Please nap frequently, think of cultures with siesta traditions! Oh why weren’t we colonized by a Mediterranean siesta culture?
I’m not suggesting it’s only nourishing sleep we need to be well, though we all know how sleep helps us, in my case it was adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalances, stagnation and the usual human array of neuroses I need to work with!

What do you do to support your parenting journey?
How do you get the rest you need in life?
How can we support each other in the early years of children?
What would or would have helped you?
What did help you?
Who can you ask for help?
How can we openly share the trialling bits of parenting so we don’t isolate each other?

If you are feeling low and wondering what is “wrong” with yourself I encourage you to visit a health carer and start the path to wellness.
We can all experience wellness and balance in mind body and spirit
And I fully in courage you to take a step on your journey:)
Whatever your circumstance
Is there one thing you can do today which is loving to yourself?
maybe it’s as simple as drinking a cup of lemon water in the morning, walking around the block, booking in to a naturopath, having a green smoothie, simply sitting and having awareness in your breath, giving yourself the acknowledgement that you are doing a great and difficult task of parenting, a moment of kindness to yourself, seek a hug with a willing supplicant:)

I went for a stroll alone by the shore with my camera for my moment of self connection and amusement, I was soon joined by family but felt mildly refreshed.
With love and wellness

ps thankyou to everyone of you who have supported us in our journey of parenting and family life

and my hat is off in acknowledgement to each of you who has parented, is parenting or is thinking about it!








Waking up to

Lily has made us pancakes this morning!! Yummy yummy yum
What a big girl, encouraging me to stay in bed ( Jesse was having dawn hot spring soaking)
” no no I know how to do it”
Being patient and helpful of Cedar
Thank you big sissi

With grated coconut and tropical fruits, yoghurt and maple syrup.
We’ve been missing Sunday pancakes as we are always having an early start to markets on Sundays.