Not gluten free

When I opened the bread box this morning…

(which is a another beautiful old piece which mama has carefully paint stripped and restored)
I found the last chapter of Lily’s muffin story…

Lovingly designed for her nana who returns today and is a coeliac!


Have a great day!
That’s certainly cheered me up!
I feel Abit better already…
Mm might go lay down again…

Waking up to

Yesterday i was Waking up to…
Surprise Lily muffins
Well Lily is sure feeling better!
My rest was interrupted by a few
“mama where is flour, do we have chocolate and more…”
secretive business from my girl who’s barely spoken for four days with a sore throat.
When I got up at a request to light the oven…
Look what I found going on in nannas kitchen!
” I just mashed bananas with a little cream then stirred in flour, baking powder and just a tiny bit of sugar!”
Sometimes I’m just heart swellingly pleased with this child’s confidence and imagination!

I am so delighted that she feels confident to make up her own recipe, knows the key ingredients to muffins and method by memory and observation and the savvy to rummage my mamas kitchen for things she needed unsupervised and knows how to be safe about it too.
Enjoying a good mama moment, pleased that I have modeled and encouraged Lily to be comfortable in the kitchen realms. And tidy too! Surprise !
And the big reward my daughter has made me muffins! Yes it’s all about me me me. no really! I am just so touched by her actions and glad she is feeling better , well I am just giving myself a tiny pay on the back for all the kitchen time I’ve cherished with her…
I hope I can swallow at least a little muffin …
It’s been a variety of soups and lemon, honey, ginger and sage teas to fortify us with our sore throats for days now.
Boo hoo miserable painful end to holiday…


Mm they are delicious is the verdict!
And I managed to squeeze one down the hatch.
There’s nothing like being really ill to bring gratitude for simple, special things into my life again:)
I apologize for any nonsensical or silly bits!
to excuse myself I am still suffering momentary delirium….

Mitt knits

Evidence of my current knitting addiction is following me around the house!
One excellent selling point on knitting is that You can pick it up and put it down as you need to!
Great for mamas like me. And papas. Though not so common now amongst our menfolk, once upon a time knitting was more a men’s craft…
I am attempting to write my own pattern so I’ll let you know how it goes. It will have a beautiful windmill pattern in the body of the work and

hopefully the rest of it will work out… well imaginatively…

Since completing these mittens, {with only one dropped stitch and one other weird twisted stitch}

(The yarn is a merino,alpaca, silk blend and so soft and smooth to work with. I knit on four double pointed size 3.25 needles and with my personal gauge they miraculously fit fine! Phew. I am enjoying getting more adventurous with knitting, shame the winter months are over…
Being confined with illness for a few days has allowed a lot of knitting time.
The only recognizable boon…)
Yes where was I
Since completing these mittens for Lily
I’ve been feeling braver than ever and am also getting set to upsize a cardigan for Lily. Um that ones looking hard but we both like the pattern and I like how Elizabeth Zimmerman talks in percentages and with humour in her patterns.
Wish me luck

Are you a knitter?

Are you an inventive knitter?

have you ever made your own pattern?
What project are you on at the mo?
Hope you are well and warm

Port Douglas Markets and more musing s…

Port Douglas Markets and more musings…




We have been away for three weeks now on the West Coast.

I’ve just been editing photographs from our last weeks in Far North Queensland.

those beautiful waterways! the warmth and fresh fruit! being outdoors…


i mean really, look at me in swimmers and being painted by a little angel with river ochre!

less than a month ago!

In my bones until next time…

It’s hard to fathom Jesse will be playing his last set for the year at the Port Douglas markets today.

followed by a sunset dinner by the sea probably.

We are in such different realities at the moment, when usually we travel life together.

I’m only just starting to miss my companion and dear friend…

i’ve been wrapped up in the joy and busy-ness of family time and the enjoyment of space from the relating ship,

which is still happening, but I’ve passed half way of the trip and I think my soul is

preparing to travel East again and thoughts are coming in about my friends and family there.

It makes me aware just how difficult it is to simply be present!

Without anticipating the next chapter of life, or even the next moment of life.

How much of my day am i just trully being in the moment?

I know I relish it when I notice i have come in for a time, and feel the richness of the moment.

it’s not that often, when I really reflect on it! neither is it always comfortable moments mind!

I’m practicing though.

When I go through a phase of doing a daily practice of meditation or yoga or somesuch I notice

my awareness is more centred for the rest of the day.

I tend to put good excuses or futurisms on why I’m not in regular practice of some time of

stillness and centering.

Like, when I have a house I will set up a space or when I’m not so tired or when I wake up tomorrow or when I am enlightened or when I grow up….

{my sisters say I was such a procrastinator as a child}

How about right now?

How about you?

What do you tell yourself, which stops you from doing some helpful practice of meditation, stretching, exercise, centering, movement or so on?

or what do you tell yourself which gets you going with it again?

well that was not what I’d been planning to write about! but reading back I enjoy the surprise of it!

I had been wanting to belatedly post these photos of some of the beautiful produce and handmade crafts from the

Port Douglas Markets!

I think I’ll put them at the top of the page now…

Enjoy your spring/autumn equinox

are you celebrating it in any way?

it happens to also be Uncle D’s birthday so we had

decadent gluten free chocolate cake with cream after breakfast…


it’s the wildflowe…

it’s the wildflowers

in full festival


it’s the flowers

in every glance a hint of colour to be investigated


it’s the flowers

tiny, subtle, gracious, intricate

it’s the flowers

beckoning me across the road and into the woods


it’s the flowers

delaying me and making little ones impatient with mama as they spring on to new finds

(and me impatient with them for pulling me away, yes must go alone sometimes…)

it’s the flowers

invisibe to a casual eye

revealed with attention

unveiled with presence and patience

delighting all of us with their own groupings and gatherings

what do flowers communicate?

and here and here another another

it’s the flowers

which distract Cedar from falling asleep on walks of that intent

it’s the flowers

the bold red/orange/burgundy pea his favorite and each bush gestured and acknowledged

it’s the flowers

immaculate petalled orchids the queens

puffy pompom wattles

spreading cheerful red leschenaultia and running postman

tall sunshine billy buttons

minute pink fairies

countless silky blues orchids

spider orchids

purple pansy orchids

red beaks



tiny delicate fringed lily twiner

bright abundant cowslips

tall breezy jug orchids in mint candy striped shirts

at least five variations on the donkey orchid

black eyed pinks

and a myriad more I cannot name but love no less

it’s the flowers

the carpet of which trails our eyes through the open woodland

it’s the flowers

which bring me here in spring

it’s the flowers

whose essence and healing I soak up

it’s the flowers

the discovery of rarities a thrill each one thrillier that the last

it’s the flowers

in rain or wind or warm

beckoning a beautiful bouquet

in amongst the silver brown hued timber

it’s the flowers

enlivening and uplifting me

it’s the flowers

stretching my smile eyes and mind

it’s the flowers.

it is.

Waking up to

I know I Know,
I said I wouldn’t be a breakfast blogger, but how could I resist when I realized this morning it was all from the farm around me!
Golden egg omelette with new potatoes I dug with Cedar, greens we picked a minute before they hit the pan, mums pickled peppers from last harvest and Keith’s sri lankan tomato relish… Yum.

I hope you’ve had a good breakfast!
It makes me want my own farmyard.
You too?

A Denmark Day

Mama and I and the little ones spent a happy day browsing and completing errands in the Coastal Forest town of Denmark

After visiting the two op shops and finding some great embroidered linens and pastel Johnson Bro bread plates we had a tasty lunch at

while Nanna went for acupuncture Cedar Lily and I where playful in the riverside park. A pretty cool playground, some stately old Marri and Karri trees…

I had one of those moments again. one of those precious ones where my heart pauses and I am then flooded with sentiment as I watch my little ones in their innocence and fun and kindness and I give an enormous breath of gratitude to the gift they are in my life, and the beauty and clarity of sunlight and the cool scent in the air almost overwhelms me with the richness of nature and my place in it.

try and imagine how old this Marri tree is… All it has witnessed… the slow pulsating rhythm of being a tree… go and find one and sit or lay under it or climb into her arms and soak up some arboreal wisdom…

Yes Cedar is out and about in his pyjama jumper… he loves it as much as I do… It’s from Engel via Cambridge baby

oh how i love the scent of rivers,

growing up an inland girl the novelty of bounteous water is yet to fade…

the myriad of light refractions on waters surface amuse me endlessly, the green shade and becooled air which stirs about draping leaves becalms me

and refreshes me and i am enchanted in my thoughts as i move us up to the colourful delight of wool heaven!

I was getting distracted from choosing yarn for a bold project I am about to undertake of making Lily a short sleeved cardigan for the coming seasons from an Elizabeth Zimmerman patern resized to vaguely fit an eight! phew. I think I’m abit out of depth but looking forward to the challenge.

I chose an heirloom silk touch Merino, Alpaca, Silk blend and Lily chose a sweet sky blue tint.

Lily had been quietly amusing herself, when I appeared to check with what she was amused I saw…

You know those beautiful enticing rows of neat embroidery threads in every good crafting shop? well…

Mothers panic try to be calm…

“honey what are you up to?”

thinking…oh god We are going to be kicked out, no worse I will have to painfully sort these all out into colour batches and rehang them. oh crikey

“Hi mama, these where all in a jumbly mess, some kids been playing with them probably so I took them all off and I’m sorting them out!”

“ah OK good one that’s really thoughtful of you”

luckily shop lady overheard and pipes up gratefully that it’s OK and thanks to Lily

phew… phew… phew…

Cedar had been happily driving his new tractor and trailor around which we had just found beautifully made at the Denmark arts centre…

after this we perused the Butter Factory Studios and Alpaca Centre

I am in love with Alpace fibre once again and tried to convince my mum to buy an exhorbitantly priced Alpaca coat to no avail… yet…

I found Cedar a sweet duffel coat by Oobi instead and some fantastic local ceramics.

The end

everyone tired and hungry and wants to go home now

goodbye Denmark til next time

Manning farmers market

I jetted to Perth solo for a special event on the weekend (more later)

From the airport I picked up my brother and we went for lunch and a wander in the 

Manning farmers market



my dear friends who make the music of Laliya first introduced me to this market and I have looked forward to another visit



in the grounds of Clontarf Indigenous College the sturdy stone buildings are with their own stories

(some quite grim as it was once St Josephs orphanage)



St Joseph was on hand to welcome us with his little peace baby



and then in we wandered… under the beautiful gum tree shade

a hustle bustle

bananas three dollars a kilo is the cry

bounteous produce, handmade goodies, real bread, pastries, cheeses, fruit juices, plants, fish, coffee, eggs and on and on more and more

we linked arms and looked for lunch…



turkish delicious yummy spinach, fetta, sundried tomato and olive filled fresh folded pizza like dough thingy.. i cannot remember the name right now! if anyone does let me know…Image



oh baklava sweet treat of my heart… i have made this delicacy before. deceptively simple, i more than halved the sugar (which is why it didnt glue together properly) and increased the lemon juice… mmmmImage



i was feeling oh so liberated as a mama in town alone, and with a handsome intelligent fun young man to peruse with!



lunch was followed by delicious sourdough pastries with decadent caramelised nut centres….ooohhhhh

i had a second to photograph this before it was all gone, Max’s hand is just out of the frame on the right!




my other favourite wa bread bakers where there





so began a very special weekend in town, while my family on the farm cared for my little ones. Thankyou

Hinata Japanese cultural festival

On Saturday the 8th I explored the beautiful Hinata festival held in the gorgeous bushland setting of the Bibra Lake Steiner school in WA.

There where traditional and modern handmade goodies, delicious food, including a burger with grilled pressed rice instead of bread, excellent gluten free option, indigo and plant dyeing workshops, kids craft, music and more and more..


I had such a great time I didnt take a single photograph! yes kicked myself afterwards…

but i did photograph some of the gorgeous things i purchased there…

so enjoy looking at these and imagining what the festival was like,

and if you live in Perth get to the Japanese Hinata festival next year!!


the detail on the pocket of my new denim shift…




playful original watercolour for Lily’s room when we get a house with walls again…


roving/wool tops dyed with, indigo, sour sop, eucalypt and another i forgot



five layer muslin hankies or flannels

I have coveted these in the house of my friends who invited me, ha now I have my own!


buttons covered in vintage Kimono fabric


whimsical artwork by Nuoko

a beautiful day and fantastic handmade specials

I read a great quote which was along the lines of

If you have money buy, something unique and handmade


I love to support artisans and be supported as an artisan

happy making!