Waking up to

Yesterday i was Waking up to…
Surprise Lily muffins
Well Lily is sure feeling better!
My rest was interrupted by a few
“mama where is flour, do we have chocolate and more…”
secretive business from my girl who’s barely spoken for four days with a sore throat.
When I got up at a request to light the oven…
Look what I found going on in nannas kitchen!
” I just mashed bananas with a little cream then stirred in flour, baking powder and just a tiny bit of sugar!”
Sometimes I’m just heart swellingly pleased with this child’s confidence and imagination!

I am so delighted that she feels confident to make up her own recipe, knows the key ingredients to muffins and method by memory and observation and the savvy to rummage my mamas kitchen for things she needed unsupervised and knows how to be safe about it too.
Enjoying a good mama moment, pleased that I have modeled and encouraged Lily to be comfortable in the kitchen realms. And tidy too! Surprise !
And the big reward my daughter has made me muffins! Yes it’s all about me me me. no really! I am just so touched by her actions and glad she is feeling better , well I am just giving myself a tiny pay on the back for all the kitchen time I’ve cherished with her…
I hope I can swallow at least a little muffin …
It’s been a variety of soups and lemon, honey, ginger and sage teas to fortify us with our sore throats for days now.
Boo hoo miserable painful end to holiday…


Mm they are delicious is the verdict!
And I managed to squeeze one down the hatch.
There’s nothing like being really ill to bring gratitude for simple, special things into my life again:)
I apologize for any nonsensical or silly bits!
to excuse myself I am still suffering momentary delirium….

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