Mary’s little Donkey

I have been reading Mary’s Little Donkey again this advent to the children. I am living into the characters and their gifts in a new way this time around. It’s very beautiful to have a deeper experience while reading a children’s story.

Today Cedar was adamant we made some window pictures (I had planned tomorrow) however, this very quiet space together, without Lily or Jesse here blossomed into beautiful creating and connecting, and this little donkey transparency was born from my hands. Cedar worked alongside me on his own window picture and proclaimed it finished until he saw mine had a ‘main character’ and then he needed a main character also. His hare  will be wonderful for Easter next year too! 

I just LOVE it when I make something I really love.



PS materials

Black card

Tissue paper


Stanley knife to cut out the window neatly

Glue stick


Fiddly fingers, the larger you cut the window the easier it is to manage

Tip# 1

Have a layer of white or softest cream tissue paper as your frontest layer and glue your picture layers onto the inside of this. Then a fix the whole lot as one piece into your card.

Book list for early readers

The following Book list is comprised of chapter books which we have enjoyed as read alouds and autonomous reads since Lily was 7, and some for the future. They are presented in no particular order so don’t worry if you can’t decode my book list progression. Enjoy, share with your kids and everyone’s children. Reading is a lifetime enjoyment and a precious skill.


Please mail me your favorites if they don’t appear here!

Little House on the Prairie series (particularly Little House in the Big Woods) Laura Ingalls

Farmer Boy also by Laura Ingalls

Enid Blyton Books

the children of cherry tree farm

the children of willow farm

Mr galliano’s circus series

come to the circus

the birthday kitten

Astrid Lindgren books

Pippi Longstockings

The children of noisy village

happy times in noisy village

Mardies adventures

Ronia the robbers daughter (older children)

Australian authors {I would love more Australian books if you know any}

Horse Crazy -Allison Lester

Kingdom of silk series-glenda millard(i have read first only so far, older kids10+)

the secret world of Wombats-jackie French

a cat called penguin -Holly Webb

Isabel Wyatt books

The seven year old wonder book-Isabel Wyatt

the eight year old legend book -Isabel Wyatt

the book of fairy princes-Isabel Wyatt

King Beetle tamer-Isabel Wyatt

other Waldorf type stories

The last little cat-Meindert DeJong

The tales of Tiptoes Lightle-Reg Down

The Voices of Nature-Anne Spotts

The secret Pet-Shelley Davidow

a mixed bag…

The worst witch series-Jill Murphy


Dr Doolittle

Cloudberry castle series {grounded ballet adventures in an old castle}

mr Popper’s penguins {book immensely more fantastic than the film} i have my mama’s worn beautiful loved copy of this to cherish.

the secret garden-Frances Hodgson Burnett oh my what a delightful tale. though i still skip the early dramatic part of everyone dying of cholera in India and begin as she is travelling to her new home.

The Little Princess-Frances Hodgson Burnett

anne of green gables {older children}

the sheep pig Dick King-Smith

Heidi-Johanna spyri

Little women-Louisa May Alcott {older readers]

Unlikely friendships -Jennifer S Holland

Roald Dahl books



Charlie and the Chocolate factory

james and the giant peach

Little Fur series-Isobelle Carmody {older readers}

The Growly books -Phillip and Erin Ulrich brilliant first book (begin) (favorite! awaiting release of book two!)

Some titles I’ve been recommended or want to check out next are
Mrs Pepperpot series
Milly Molly Mandy ( my childhood but can’t clearly remember)
The owl who was afraid of the dark

Elsa Beskow books {lovely illustrations and good for pre-chapter book readers}

Pelle’s new suit

emily and daisy

the curious fish

the sun egg

peter in blueberry land

Hazel woody and pip

mother earth and her children

the flower festival

well did you click on any links? i painstakingly made a lot!! so much spare time obviously!! (LOL)

I confess I don’t mind abridged versions of some of the classics. It can make them more appealing and digestible for newer readers who may then later want to read the originals. I also unashamedly occasionally  edit as I read aloud. sometimes to keep it appropriate or sometimes to make it easier to understand for the listener.

when i say older readers i am thinking 12+ but you should discern for your own children. Lily is still sensitive so we still avoid  more suspenseful books. nurturing that precious childhood bubble by carefully editing the books she reads; while I still can. that is why you will not see a lot of mainstream popular books on my list currently.

I buy books from good bookstores when i can find one. Many Waldorf Steiner supply stores have books also, or natural toy stores. I also buy online from The Book Depository, Floris books or Amazon.

The more that you read

the more you will know

the more that you learn

the more places you’ll go

Dr Seuss


ps you wouldn’t believe how long this blog has taken me! I told myself I couldnt post it without lots of beautiful photographs with all those lovely moments of bed, couch, outside, toilet, haircutting, garden, bus, hammock glimpses of reading nooks,but here it is.

simple and packed with ideas just in time for Christmas!!

peace and reading

Favorite read-aloud/early reader books






below you will find an incomplete list of some favorite early reader/read aloud books

probably aimed at age 6-12 though you know your own child and what’s appropriate best

i choose books which present good values and stories of human striving, good adventures which aren’t too scary and look for language which is not abusive

you’ll notice they are often set away from the technology of current life to bring imaginative and descriptive food to my girl

some from my own childhood or my mama’s, some from friends, the library, bookshops, online, second hand treasures, gifts and lucky finds

with no television and minimal media time in our family, reading brings a relaxing stimulus individually or with read aloud story time. Our collection of books is fast devoured and then reread so if you have any favorites to recommend me i would be so grateful! travelling allows so much uninterrupted time for Lily to read which has been an unplanned gift.

My reviews are spontaneous and simple, i just wanted to give you a quick idea of the content for ease. You can find these books online at The Book Depository if you have no bookstore in your town, there’s a handy link over there on the right of my webpage…
lily takes care of reading

Mr poppers penguins-the humourous tales of a man’s love for penguins and their mishaps away from Antarctica
The secret garden-an orphan’s blooming into life with the gift of a garden
The little princess-a moving tale of rich’s to rags
The children of noisy village/happy times in noisy village-swedish village life from the perspective of 9 year old Lisa

The sheep pig-a creature who queries the expected and is bold enough to be different and follow his heart
Charlottes web-a classic philosophical tale of friendship and honesty

Pippi long stockings-the strongest most unconventional girl in the world

horse crazy -Australian girls and there horsey adventures by the author of Magic Beach and other popular books

My cat penguin-an Australian boy learns to overcome prejudice and makes an unexpected friend

Tansy magill-an australian girl clever and adventurous(we met the author in Cygnet Tasmania!)

Mr Gallianos circus-the tales of the boy Jimmy joining the circus, his love for animals and his dear friend Lotta

Come to the circus-an orphan girl finds her home in the circus, also kindness friendship and acceptance

The children of cherry tree farm-the adventures and happenings on the farm

Laura ingalls series favorites are little house in the big woods and farmer boy-pioneer stories from USA

The last little cat-a cat looking for a home comes full circle

The secret world of wombats-Humorous and informative insight into wombats and their humans by Jackie French

The BFG-Roald Dahl’s delightful story of a girl kidsnatched and loved by a giant, together they save the world

Charlie and the chocolate factory-from a humble start to a sweet adventure

Tiptoes Lightly-fairy adventures

happy reading people xx

Right now

These little books by Ali Mitgutsch are a firm favorite with all the people’s in our extended family.

A mini board book to suit little hands the detailed paintings are amusing and packed with character. They have no words and this seems to make them more entertaining as we make up our own stories and there’s no distraction from the beautiful and funny scenes.
There are books of the seasons(European) farm life, town life, city life and others I can’t remember right now. Also start to finish story’s like from bees to honey…
We have a lot of them and today sticky taping this ones page back in( as a baby Cedar gnawed off the spine, lily very cross because she is still firmly attached to them) I’m reminded of how I really really must share them! As a wee one Lily would peruse them for hours when we where driving, or nibble the corners…
Anyway truly beloved and highly recommended. I think they may not have English translations… Hehee
You can find them here:)
Do your babies chew on books too?

Ps did you notice all those herb bottles, yes there is a cough in the house unfortunately. Seems to come when we are doing a big move… I’m working on that.