Mary’s little Donkey

I have been reading Mary’s Little Donkey again this advent to the children. I am living into the characters and their gifts in a new way this time around. It’s very beautiful to have a deeper experience while reading a children’s story.

Today Cedar was adamant we made some window pictures (I had planned tomorrow) however, this very quiet space together, without Lily or Jesse here blossomed into beautiful creating and connecting, and this little donkey transparency was born from my hands. Cedar worked alongside me on his own window picture and proclaimed it finished until he saw mine had a ‘main character’ and then he needed a main character also. His hare  will be wonderful for Easter next year too! 

I just LOVE it when I make something I really love.



PS materials

Black card

Tissue paper


Stanley knife to cut out the window neatly

Glue stick


Fiddly fingers, the larger you cut the window the easier it is to manage

Tip# 1

Have a layer of white or softest cream tissue paper as your frontest layer and glue your picture layers onto the inside of this. Then a fix the whole lot as one piece into your card.


One thought on “Mary’s little Donkey

  1. Hello lovely I hope my assumption that not hearing from you yesterday meant that you weren’t still counting on me this morning. I left home at 7.45 today for an 8am double doctors appointment – both Edan and Juni had local anisetic injections, and one wart each removed. I also have two children with convunctivitis, I started bleeding today and Kev and I had an extremely massive emotional challenge throughout the week…into the weekend and we are still in process! Positive, but deeply painful and tiring… I hope I didn’t mess you around today, and if I did I hope the above explains my lack of ability to phone you yesterday to check in. Love Lowy xo

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