Berlin Mauerpark flea market

Mauerpark Flea markets Sundays from about 8-4pm
Well some unexpected fun jaunts have come from our unplanned 6 week long stay near Berlin with my folks here. One being Mauerpark flea market!
With 300 plus stalls, give this market lots of time!
I went a couple of times with Jesse when he was busking, and lucky me, once all alone!
I found it too busy for kids to enjoy after 11am and must confess I preferred fossicking on my own. Old things, lots of lovely dusty old things with only a few new made stalls. Some savvy Turkish dealers with rows of estate boxes to rummage, be ready to bargain. It took me a couple of visits to build my courage but it was worth the reductions! I wish I had a container to fill and bring home!!
Streets of second hand clothing stalls! So fun!
I found some fabulous cotton vintage dresses and a button accordian, Polish ceramic ware and olive wood bread boards.
In the midst is a walled, sandy eating courtyard where you can quietly retreat for a bio (organic) sausage with sauerkraut and a bun. Don’t be overwhelmed by the 15 choices of mustard! Or get a pizza or a delicious mixed plate from the Turkish ladies. Yummy!
There’s a big green (old location of the Berlin Wall, hence the name Mauer/wall park) running alongside with buskers of varying talent and lots of people seem to picnic there.
I ended up getting a cab back to The main station (Hauptbahnhof) for 8 € instead of navigating the connecting trams on the way home.
Have fun if you go I’d like to hear about your treasures!




Waking up to…


Mornings at Salamanca market in Hobart and another
Golden sunrise 20130225-160215.jpg
I was initially surprised by the length of the market street amidst the beautiful heritage stone buildings of the docks.
Now I’m more familiar with the layout I confidently seek the organic growers and craftspeople I prefer. It’s a little over stimulating to spend too long in here but the oncelers love it!

The produce is scentfull and colorful, I shop while the others are still in bed and return with fresh bread and goods for the week.
Apples have just started appearing and today there are seven unfamiliar varieties to choose from. The seller says in a fortnight he will have 25 varieties!! Yum but we will be back in Victoria then.
Apples are my favored fruit along with raspberries so I’ve been happy happy happy in Tasmania. 20130225-185439.jpg20130225-185638.jpg20130225-185645.jpg20130225-185708.jpg
I’m in a blessed position where I am committed to come to markets every week while we travel yet am free to roam and fossick, eat and enjoy. When I was a stallholder I was tied to my stall and couldn’t explore much so this liberty is appreciated! Thanks Jesse! (even if it means having the children all day in a busy noisy atmosphere, or even when I am bleeding and in pain and the last desire is to be in public, I am learning to handle my role and take it gently) we have a stroller again which makes it easier to move about and I pack a rug, snacks and water and a book for lily and knitting for me and cars for Cedar.
I’m learning to go to the park and play for most of the day and make focused forays into the market for what we need. On my own I am an avid browser and appreciate the beautiful artisan crafts and vintage clothing stalls… I have also learnt to just take some cash and not my bank card so I am on a budget.






Tasmanian Circus Festival 2013


This community of inspirational folk

shared a wonderful accepting, encouraging and down right funny

time together at the circus festival

i love that the whacky and unusual is embraced and i see such

a diverse range of people feel at ease here and accepted and loved for their differences.

all day there are feats to amaze

some on stage and some casually in the central gathering area

IMG_0405 IMG_0406

we are camped close to it all

dress up daily and laugh and laugh

even the morning yoga class has everyone laughing and therefore relaxing more

ahhh good medicine for us all…

Lily has another chance to have a flying trapeze lesson

and gets a catch! woohooo!

what an amazing opportunity!

IMG_0417 IMG_0418 IMG_0420 IMG_0421

extraordinary things happen in the circus!

and the extraordinary becomes possible for everyone

next time we will attend the training week beforehand

until then

we are all now looking forward to the circus festival in

Mullumbimby in September!

are you going?

we all make delightful new friendships at this festival

including another lovely blogging mama Lauren

and her daughters with whom Lily has since spent alot of happy time

on Sunday the girls make popcorn to sell in handmade paper bags

they make $8 to share and are very pleased!

IMG_0411 IMG_0422

this is the first festival we have allowed Lily to move around freely with a friend

the atmosphere is gentle and fun, the venue is small and she can easily find her way safely back to camp

wow, growing up into a little more independance!

among other things i spend some time with a friends spinning wheel

one thing i miss while traveling so now i endeavor to learn how to drop spindle


to conclude the festival there is the Circus Olympics

where anyone can participate in events like

most backflips in a row, hulahooping, juggling while playing simon says, human wheelbarrow racing while juggling,

unicycle rally, balancing a stick on your chin, handstand {winner at 3.5 minutes!!} etc etc

sorry i didn’t photograph this i couldn’t bear to leave to run for the camera!!

we have all come away inspired to master skills with our bodies

and the children are climbing onto our shoulders or balancing on anything or making impromptu shows for us!!


with love and laughter

IMG_0353 IMG_0360

musical chairs…IMG_0366 IMG_0373

spaghetti circus on the see saw!IMG_0374 IMG_0377 IMG_0384 IMG_0398 IMG_0407

Waking up to…

Fresh morning organic produce from
Salamanca market in Hobart.
Mmm … Come over for breakfast it’s gonna be great!!!

I didn’t sleep much last night so I was happy to leave the others sleeping and dress warm and go for early shopping in the market. An unplanned, happy moment of solitude!
Hope your day has a great start

Port Douglas Markets and more musing s…

Port Douglas Markets and more musings…




We have been away for three weeks now on the West Coast.

I’ve just been editing photographs from our last weeks in Far North Queensland.

those beautiful waterways! the warmth and fresh fruit! being outdoors…


i mean really, look at me in swimmers and being painted by a little angel with river ochre!

less than a month ago!

In my bones until next time…

It’s hard to fathom Jesse will be playing his last set for the year at the Port Douglas markets today.

followed by a sunset dinner by the sea probably.

We are in such different realities at the moment, when usually we travel life together.

I’m only just starting to miss my companion and dear friend…

i’ve been wrapped up in the joy and busy-ness of family time and the enjoyment of space from the relating ship,

which is still happening, but I’ve passed half way of the trip and I think my soul is

preparing to travel East again and thoughts are coming in about my friends and family there.

It makes me aware just how difficult it is to simply be present!

Without anticipating the next chapter of life, or even the next moment of life.

How much of my day am i just trully being in the moment?

I know I relish it when I notice i have come in for a time, and feel the richness of the moment.

it’s not that often, when I really reflect on it! neither is it always comfortable moments mind!

I’m practicing though.

When I go through a phase of doing a daily practice of meditation or yoga or somesuch I notice

my awareness is more centred for the rest of the day.

I tend to put good excuses or futurisms on why I’m not in regular practice of some time of

stillness and centering.

Like, when I have a house I will set up a space or when I’m not so tired or when I wake up tomorrow or when I am enlightened or when I grow up….

{my sisters say I was such a procrastinator as a child}

How about right now?

How about you?

What do you tell yourself, which stops you from doing some helpful practice of meditation, stretching, exercise, centering, movement or so on?

or what do you tell yourself which gets you going with it again?

well that was not what I’d been planning to write about! but reading back I enjoy the surprise of it!

I had been wanting to belatedly post these photos of some of the beautiful produce and handmade crafts from the

Port Douglas Markets!

I think I’ll put them at the top of the page now…

Enjoy your spring/autumn equinox

are you celebrating it in any way?

it happens to also be Uncle D’s birthday so we had

decadent gluten free chocolate cake with cream after breakfast…


Manning farmers market

I jetted to Perth solo for a special event on the weekend (more later)

From the airport I picked up my brother and we went for lunch and a wander in the 

Manning farmers market



my dear friends who make the music of Laliya first introduced me to this market and I have looked forward to another visit



in the grounds of Clontarf Indigenous College the sturdy stone buildings are with their own stories

(some quite grim as it was once St Josephs orphanage)



St Joseph was on hand to welcome us with his little peace baby



and then in we wandered… under the beautiful gum tree shade

a hustle bustle

bananas three dollars a kilo is the cry

bounteous produce, handmade goodies, real bread, pastries, cheeses, fruit juices, plants, fish, coffee, eggs and on and on more and more

we linked arms and looked for lunch…



turkish delicious yummy spinach, fetta, sundried tomato and olive filled fresh folded pizza like dough thingy.. i cannot remember the name right now! if anyone does let me know…Image



oh baklava sweet treat of my heart… i have made this delicacy before. deceptively simple, i more than halved the sugar (which is why it didnt glue together properly) and increased the lemon juice… mmmmImage



i was feeling oh so liberated as a mama in town alone, and with a handsome intelligent fun young man to peruse with!



lunch was followed by delicious sourdough pastries with decadent caramelised nut centres….ooohhhhh

i had a second to photograph this before it was all gone, Max’s hand is just out of the frame on the right!




my other favourite wa bread bakers where there





so began a very special weekend in town, while my family on the farm cared for my little ones. Thankyou

Mother my first companion

My shoulders hunched, bunched and scrunched
I saw my chance to get a bit of body love and ease
” can I get a massage please?”
Sweet lady so petit with firm sensitive hands
A tender touch so sure and to me to reassure
So like the hands of my own sweet mama
She who has held and comforted me forever before
I cried and sighed and whyed and cried
I let go and breathed and softened a smidgen
I felt my heart go back to the start
And open and relax and feel a peace so brief
And I’m still bathing in gratitude
To this stranger who for an intimate moment was my mother and comforted me
How I cherish my connection with my mum

When I was explaining to Lily why I was crying she said with her hand tightly in mine
“I never want to leave you mum, well maybe when I’m grown up to go to town to do some shopping or something!”
That melted me more

Dearest mamalata I am so joyfully anticipating a visit with you
Love Roselinde

Watching children have fun, for fun


My playful spirit was so tickled to watch Lily initiate this game with all the playground (strangers) kids.
It’s rare to see them all cooperate spontaneously. All us parents where amused.
The organized eight! year old and her carriages.
It’s a gift of this traveling which allows us to be more free and brave to make friends and be a little more confident in the world.


A dear friend A is visited each week at her stall. Always dressed in the cutest outfits from mamas label LittleLom. Little love of mine. You can find the gorgeous recycled vintage fabric handwork of Mia and her sister on Facebook.
Today conveniently there where three chairs for three little tomato munchers.
A is a champ for snacking on whole fruit and veg and I happily see my kids do the same when they visit her.
It’s so simple. Veg and fruit are these tasty individually packed nutritious snacks of varying textures colors and flavours. Mmm
Why do we mess around with our good food so much, turning them into delicious but complex meals, when simple can be so satisfying?
Try having some little whole carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes on hand as easy reach snacks.

What are you feeding your kids at snack time?
Got any good recipes to share?

Ayla’s rainbow connection

In the Shalom market tucked amongst the produce, plants and bric a brac

I was delighted to find

a stall of gorgeous and whimsical knit, crotchet and sewn goodies!

Ayla’s grandparents run this stall and use the proceeds to fund her support

for details go to Ayla’s Rainbow Connection

I enjoyed talking Ravelry patterns, pure wool supplies

(I recommend Weave, Bilby Yarns and Bendigo Mill)

children, baby signing and life with these lovely folk

who where for me a beacon of creative inspiration and good intent

and supply of gorgeous wool soakers!



if you have any favorite wool or craft suppliers leave me a note in the comments and lets support these

 valued businesses and each other in our creativity!