Berlin Mauerpark flea market

Mauerpark Flea markets Sundays from about 8-4pm
Well some unexpected fun jaunts have come from our unplanned 6 week long stay near Berlin with my folks here. One being Mauerpark flea market!
With 300 plus stalls, give this market lots of time!
I went a couple of times with Jesse when he was busking, and lucky me, once all alone!
I found it too busy for kids to enjoy after 11am and must confess I preferred fossicking on my own. Old things, lots of lovely dusty old things with only a few new made stalls. Some savvy Turkish dealers with rows of estate boxes to rummage, be ready to bargain. It took me a couple of visits to build my courage but it was worth the reductions! I wish I had a container to fill and bring home!!
Streets of second hand clothing stalls! So fun!
I found some fabulous cotton vintage dresses and a button accordian, Polish ceramic ware and olive wood bread boards.
In the midst is a walled, sandy eating courtyard where you can quietly retreat for a bio (organic) sausage with sauerkraut and a bun. Don’t be overwhelmed by the 15 choices of mustard! Or get a pizza or a delicious mixed plate from the Turkish ladies. Yummy!
There’s a big green (old location of the Berlin Wall, hence the name Mauer/wall park) running alongside with buskers of varying talent and lots of people seem to picnic there.
I ended up getting a cab back to The main station (Hauptbahnhof) for 8 € instead of navigating the connecting trams on the way home.
Have fun if you go I’d like to hear about your treasures!





4 thoughts on “Berlin Mauerpark flea market

  1. I Love Love Loved those markets too! Berlin is definitely a market paradise. My other favourites were the flea markets on Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichshain. I think they were saturdays… or sundays… i found some awesome vintage clothes there… and old shleich animals for the girls (from when they were still made in germany). My other favourite activity was go to the huge art shop and book store… i would walk there from Kotbussor Tor train stop and hang out in the community gardens across the road (Prinzessinnenstraße community garden). big love.

  2. That looks like an amazing market to visit. You know, when we were in India and I was wanting to buy things I didn’t think I could carry back, we were told about TNT couriers. We enquired, and found it was probably not as expensive as we thought, and we could arrange an exact day that the goods would be delivered to our door. Sure enough, on the appointed day our parcel arrived – and the cost of delivery was still cheaper than if we had bought the same items imported into Australia! Maybe you could consider sending some things back (to us if you like) and doing a market stall with them yourself once you are back!!

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