Waking up to…

Cedar and Lily where gifted this great set for christmas, they are just getting acquainted with the potential of it and we all think it’s fantastic!

Lily and Cedar on different levels are exploring balance, construction, inertia and transmission. All through play!
Thanks Grannynanny and Gramfer!

My dad also shared this type of play/experimenting/learning to my childhood which I am remembering now, thanks Dad.

You can learn more about
Haba Building Blocks Technics Here

Waking up to…

Early morning craftings
A little one joins in with big stitches
A big one guides (and bosses)
Together creating a new day of play and friendship
(and a lot of mama love and gladness)


Cedar is making his first stitches on big weave hessian with tapestry wool and a big blunt needle, held on a little wooden embroidery hoop. Everything cost less than $10 from second hand shops except the needle! Kids up to about 12 like this pleasing art of free embroidery or drawing a picture first then stitching it. Actually even I still like this craft…
We sing
up up up I sew,
then down down down I go

To the up down stitching motion, so Cedar now has added up and down to his little vocabulary!