Manning farmers market

I jetted to Perth solo for a special event on the weekend (more later)

From the airport I picked up my brother and we went for lunch and a wander in the 

Manning farmers market



my dear friends who make the music of Laliya first introduced me to this market and I have looked forward to another visit



in the grounds of Clontarf Indigenous College the sturdy stone buildings are with their own stories

(some quite grim as it was once St Josephs orphanage)



St Joseph was on hand to welcome us with his little peace baby



and then in we wandered… under the beautiful gum tree shade

a hustle bustle

bananas three dollars a kilo is the cry

bounteous produce, handmade goodies, real bread, pastries, cheeses, fruit juices, plants, fish, coffee, eggs and on and on more and more

we linked arms and looked for lunch…



turkish delicious yummy spinach, fetta, sundried tomato and olive filled fresh folded pizza like dough thingy.. i cannot remember the name right now! if anyone does let me know…Image



oh baklava sweet treat of my heart… i have made this delicacy before. deceptively simple, i more than halved the sugar (which is why it didnt glue together properly) and increased the lemon juice… mmmmImage



i was feeling oh so liberated as a mama in town alone, and with a handsome intelligent fun young man to peruse with!



lunch was followed by delicious sourdough pastries with decadent caramelised nut centres….ooohhhhh

i had a second to photograph this before it was all gone, Max’s hand is just out of the frame on the right!




my other favourite wa bread bakers where there





so began a very special weekend in town, while my family on the farm cared for my little ones. Thankyou

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