Favorite read-aloud/early reader books






below you will find an incomplete list of some favorite early reader/read aloud books

probably aimed at age 6-12 though you know your own child and what’s appropriate best

i choose books which present good values and stories of human striving, good adventures which aren’t too scary and look for language which is not abusive

you’ll notice they are often set away from the technology of current life to bring imaginative and descriptive food to my girl

some from my own childhood or my mama’s, some from friends, the library, bookshops, online, second hand treasures, gifts and lucky finds

with no television and minimal media time in our family, reading brings a relaxing stimulus individually or with read aloud story time. Our collection of books is fast devoured and then reread so if you have any favorites to recommend me i would be so grateful! travelling allows so much uninterrupted time for Lily to read which has been an unplanned gift.

My reviews are spontaneous and simple, i just wanted to give you a quick idea of the content for ease. You can find these books online at The Book Depository if you have no bookstore in your town, there’s a handy link over there on the right of my webpage…
lily takes care of reading

Mr poppers penguins-the humourous tales of a man’s love for penguins and their mishaps away from Antarctica
The secret garden-an orphan’s blooming into life with the gift of a garden
The little princess-a moving tale of rich’s to rags
The children of noisy village/happy times in noisy village-swedish village life from the perspective of 9 year old Lisa

The sheep pig-a creature who queries the expected and is bold enough to be different and follow his heart
Charlottes web-a classic philosophical tale of friendship and honesty

Pippi long stockings-the strongest most unconventional girl in the world

horse crazy -Australian girls and there horsey adventures by the author of Magic Beach and other popular books

My cat penguin-an Australian boy learns to overcome prejudice and makes an unexpected friend

Tansy magill-an australian girl clever and adventurous(we met the author in Cygnet Tasmania!)

Mr Gallianos circus-the tales of the boy Jimmy joining the circus, his love for animals and his dear friend Lotta

Come to the circus-an orphan girl finds her home in the circus, also kindness friendship and acceptance

The children of cherry tree farm-the adventures and happenings on the farm

Laura ingalls series favorites are little house in the big woods and farmer boy-pioneer stories from USA

The last little cat-a cat looking for a home comes full circle

The secret world of wombats-Humorous and informative insight into wombats and their humans by Jackie French

The BFG-Roald Dahl’s delightful story of a girl kidsnatched and loved by a giant, together they save the world

Charlie and the chocolate factory-from a humble start to a sweet adventure

Tiptoes Lightly-fairy adventures

happy reading people xx

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