Waking up to…

Waking up to…

Heidi and Peter bringing in the goats for milking

{we have only just finished devouring Heidi by Johanna Spyri these last days, now look at our new reality!}

an enjoyable chore surprisingly!

I am nowhere near as dexterous as these young ones on the milking front…

I had always thought I detested goat’s milk, but here… yum, so sweet and mild

throughout the day i listen for the tinkle of the bell in the orchard and enjoy watching these nimble girls scamper about, balance up trees to peg down tasty leaves or frolic about in that particular goaty fashion.

I am enjoying the developing relationship with these curious, opportunistic, character filled creatures and am deeply grateful for their delicious milk and subsequent cheeses which our kind friend makes! Yum

something to love on the farm…

3 thoughts on “Waking up to…

  1. Mmm raw goat’s milk. Much nicer than store-bought. We’ve been enjoying raw cow milk, and subsequent yoghourts and labnes. What cheeses are you making? Recipe request please!

    • well dear, I am not making any cheese yet! I have witnessed our friend make it and will learn to make fetta. yummy!
      the process looks relatively simple, to describe it in brief
      warm milk with rennet and ‘a’ type culture, let curds form, slice curds, let drain, press in holey baskets, store in brine…
      mm i love labna and had forgotten about making it! thanks for reminder will get onto that again…

      • Oh goodness, rennet n culture sounds tricky. Labne is so simple.
        Would love to see the process of fetta when you have it underway.
        How nice to be enjoying farm life out in the valley. What an amazing place this is!

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