Waking up to…


Waking up to

The ocean does something really wonderful to me! Particularly in the glow and cool of early morn as I stretch open my body and mind.

Then reading this post which inspired me and articulated gently a common thread in parenting.
Blessings on your day
Can you give yourself a simple intention for this day?

Thank you J for the photos

5 thoughts on “Waking up to…

  1. I’m still making it to the beach at least twice a week and it brings so much peace to me. I’ve taken up crocheting which I find calming too. I’m excited to see you wend your way back up this way. See you soon.
    with love

  2. The ocean has such a calming influence on me too, nature in general puts me at peace. It looks like a beautiful spot and the article is very interesting thank you for the link and for stopping by to say hi you have a lovely place here.

    • Thanks Catherine.
      Today I thought of this calming effect as I was in the water again so clear, deep blue and underneath so powerful. The photos are from Avoca beach on the central coast nsw.
      Thanks for visiting me

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