Earthship in 3 days {NZ workshop 2013}

ready for glass instalment

Jesse has recently returned from the

New Zealand Earthship workshop with Mike Reynolds March 2013

a single U design, a common home is made with three U’s

~40 participants {i appreciate this aspect of people coming together with a common goal, to help each other and fantastic how much can be achieved!}

3 days to the above stage of completion!! a perfect studio or guesthouse or dwelling while you build bigger… this one will be a public demonstration model

~ 120 tyres {free}

~ 3000 cans {free}

~ 200 glass bottles {free}

cement/concrete {instead of mud render as needed a faster completion to accomadate the w/shop}

structural support materials

water tank

Maori welcome and Hangi as a completion celebration

IMG_2742 forming the front wall to the East temporary cardboard and chickenwire frames framing up the curved roof _HFA0243 TH018 _HFA0763 _HFA0681-2

once the Earthship is complete Jesse and Mike blessed the space with beautiful didges Jesse has made HungiInspiring hey? I am enjoying learning more about Earthships and how they are creating safe housing for many people around the world.

there is a build in QLD currently, the building has just withstood a cyclone! amazing! it has a hempcrete roof

for info on Earthships and workshops or builds in Australia contact Rachel Goldlust consultant for Earthship Biotecture in Australia

I have not yet found the details of the above photographs, so an anonymous thankyou for the images and if anyone has the names of the photographers please let me know!

HERE is a link to lots of beautiful Earthship photographs


What do you think?

Would you live in one?

Would you help us build one? {dreaming…}


in the background I can hear Lily begging Jesse to build an Earthship so she can live in a fantasy house/castle

Here is a link to more photographs by the original photographer. I still cant identify who it is sorry.


3 thoughts on “Earthship in 3 days {NZ workshop 2013}

    • Hiya It was in the hills of Christchurch Beautiful views says Jesse. Where were you living and where do you reside now? Thanks for your comments it means a lot to me. Roselinde I’d be honored if you visit my blog!

      • Hi ya cool. I lived in Queenstown then Takapuna and Milford on the northshore of Auckland.
        Nowadays I live.with my hubs and two boys in Canterbury, Kent Uk.
        Ems xxxx

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