The walk


I am drawn out with the soft grey dawn, awakening bird songs lure me into the day. The wind softly guides me up the ridge line walk. I am cocooned in layers of wool like paperbark and I soon enter a walking meditation, every rhythmic step the goal of my experience.
Each footfall quiet and attentive.
my awareness extends, to touch bird melodies and leaf whispers, though I think I am quiet, a walkaby at 50 metres scampers away through the rasping grass.
my soft steps continue the meandering morning path. Pale light and muted colours.
There are fewer melodies up here now. I am dreamily passing blood woods and casuarinas, the old ones, bladed grasses and fallen limbs.
I’m leaving the rumble and play of the creek noises and entering a quieter hillock. I’m present to the sensations of my walking body, swaying limbs as branches and sound chasing.

Until I find myself thinking about journalling my experiences and story.
A chuckle for myself.

This morn I’ve risen chirpy like a wee yellow breasted wren. Nothing will dim my song. My quiet escape fills me with glee.

The landspace subtly shifts and now I have a view over the ridge to the cascading forest across the valley. Each bunch of grey/orange/blue/greenery swaying its own direction. Spun and waltzed by this buffeting wind. Ah this wind! it lifts me high into its embrace,
my face turns and smiles into it like a happy farm dog on the tray of a ute.
Joyous in the face of windy thrills.
my senses open once more and slowly i step along. Observing all the sheoak saplings culled by the last burn off.
I note some of the soft leaved branches will help our fire start this drizzly day. I step over the exposed roots of a large blood wood giving honour as one of the sentinels of the woods. There aren’t many left up here.
Ahh my heart sours, a treasure of fairy pink by my foot print. A solitary pink fairy orchid offers me rain drops from her petals. I delicately catch them and pray with this tiny gift of bush magic. We commune until I am beckoned on, where a forming balga spear has immature flower heads adorning the top foot or so. It is smooth and strong and a wondrous display of natures contrasts. The slender pointy leaves forming a protective cushion below.
I read recently, look under the green growth on wet days, there one can find a cache of dry tinder. I note this also for my fire efforts.
It’s only on my return I notice the balgas grow on the higher ground and I’ve unwittingly left their domain. I’m too hungry to turn back.
I feel drawn on until I can view the little mountain adorned by turtle head rock. Its clear I’m not to wander there this day. The wind tugs and swirls around me. I am expansive and generous in my exchange.
Up here I notice the diverse bird song again, the open woodland carpeted with grasses and granite beds. The balgas grow more prolifically.
I wish I could translate their tunes and calls, but I am not yet a devoted bird nerd.
The day has brightened and my mood with it. This spontaneous solitude nourishing and adding to my collection of stories. I run.
My body fairly hovers downhill pausing only for tinder collecting and slurping rain drops from sheoak fronds as i pass their domain. I run my mouth along a bundle of new growth and catch a small mouthful of plant gathered sky juice.
I return with my happy heart anticipating the smokey perfume and family shawl I shall wear this day.


Landing in an Earthship!

Last year Jesse contributed to an Earthship build run by Earthship Australia. His enthusiasm had me inspired and curious so I was understandably excited to visit the site, on our trip up to the Far North Queensland from Bellingen. The owners (and crew) have put innumerable hours and creative love into this remarkable building! It is a sun bathed curvaceous beauty!
The two U shaped domes form the main living areas. The eastern side is having a mezzanine framed in, underneath the mezzanine will be a cool-storage area for produce, bulk goods and preserves dug a few foot deeper into the earth.
They have earth packed tyres as the wall structure and fill. The roof has skylights in each dome. Off the eastish and westish ends of the building are two smaller utility rooms framed with beautiful glass bottle walls. One already houses the bath and a vibrant vine, which tickles me as I thrive with plants inside, enlivening and oxygenating the living space.
Along the front wall (northish) a deep planter box awaits earth and plants which will create an edible greenhouse garden year round, within arms reach of the kitchen. The outdoor gardens are already flourishing with lots of care.
Not yet completed but an inspiration for earth based housing, recycling, self sufficieny and community coming together to build! I always imagined it would take phenomenal amounts of organization, time and hands on labour to create an earthship and seeing this great building affirmed all of that. I was overwhelmed with the requirements and also inspired.
Although, it has brought it into a reality frame for me to see it done by a family with a lot of friendly help. Jesse has participated in a couple of builds and we talk over the possibility of one day creating an Earthship ourselves. It’s a gift to see these things in the flesh and have these fantastic concepts imprinted. The idea of communal building with workshops, education for the future, sustainable living, being off the grid eventually, growing food, living simply with more time to be with family and live from our interests is pretty attractive! What a grand adventure!
Well, we will see.

Sorry but No, I cannot reveal the location for privacy concerns, but there is masses of information online about Earthships and I know the recent build in South Australia is more accessible. Check out IronBank Earthship.

Enjoy the tour folks
and many thanks to our hosts xx

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