waking up to….

waking up to

the warm and cosy chaos of the bus

in the early sun

and the smells of cooking oats

still in the early stages of the trip

where things have not found there home yet


what are you waking up to?

And then….

Most of the day was spent in Eumundi

The markets have some delicious culinary delights

Like fresh goats cheese and saucisson

Fresh organic produce and real bread!


We sat on our patch of grass andwhere transported to a French field in summer 2008

Delightful diversity of stalls and my relaxation spot is the

Market Chef kitchen which has two teams of youth creating

A dish demonstrated by a guest chef. Lily and I sat for the hour talking food…

Last night I was dreaming of salsa fish tacos

And today’s recipe was salsa seafood tacos!

Yay for synchronicity

Its a great simple recipe you can get here.

(open the wall, and scroll down)

After markets while Cedar slept we went to  Lily Heaven

Also known as Berkelouw bookstore

Rosi heaven too…

Anne of Green Gables and A cat called Penguin have joined our travelling library

As Lily picks up chapter books to read in solitude or to us,

I am remembering my joyous childhood eating books!


The dinner preparing sharing this eve

Warmed me soully peacefully and I soaked up the relaxed time together.

I rarely make time for this slow chopping  chatting together in a house

Tonight it worked and I cherished the moment

See! I’m even now thinking about it late in the evening!

We are moving into an unpowered area for a few days so it will be quiet from me for the weekend

Enjoy and thanks for visiting

It’s really really exciting to be exploring this old writing thing once more…

Peace and good sleeps


7 thoughts on “waking up to….

  1. Hi Rosie, I woke up to more cleaning. Getting the cobwebs and dust out of the corners. I’m feeling really happy to be doing it. Delicious lunch at the Black Bear and an afternoon of getting my computer work done. Tomorrow I will make time for crafting. The leaves have all fallen off my mulberry tree reminding me the next stage is budding and fruit. 🙂 I’m looking forward to the sun shining again. Love to you all. Rae xxxx

  2. What a perfect day you had Rosi! I could almost smell your picnic lunch. I woke up very peaceful at the prospect of an exam in the afternoon, and now freedom and sweet crafting holidays for a few blissful weeks. Have a fantastic weekend.
    K xxxx (1 for each)

    • well I don’t know about perfect…
      let’s say some very sweet harmonious moments in the day (lunch was undeniably grand)
      and the complete picture includes tantrums, getting lost, bumps on heads and maybe just a little bit of craziness at bedtime!
      It’s a good reminder to me about what I choose to share in this space and how people will paint a picture of us, so thankyou very much for stimulating that reflection Kylie
      So much love to you and your family xxxxx

  3. It’s Melly reporting for friendship duty to say, I am loving reading your words that sing as I cross the page. Lovely words and expression Rosi… I will comment from here on in. Very much in our hearts and thoughts still xxxx

  4. Hi Rose, Jesse, Lily and Cedar – well – how cosy does that look? What did we wake up to? The remnants of winds of over 100kh, grey, cloudy sky, rain squalls – so no chance of seeing Venus make her memorable journey across the sun! And oh, all the branches, leaves, debris blown around during the night. The rain hammering on the metal roof, but there were Cliff and I – cosy under our winter doona, snuggling up against the outside elements, warm and toasty in our nest! No smell of cooking oats though! Later, when the air dries, it will be time to reclaim the cushions and outdoor things that have been blown and dislodged from their usual places, to cover up the “bug” whose protective covering is somewhere down the lane . . . yep, it was certainly a bit breezy last night. But the tadpoles are happily growing, sheltered from it all – wonder how soon they will be leaving their nursery and taking their chances with the wildlife out there in our garden . . . xx Jane

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