open sprawls of dried grasses

endless shades of russet , gold and ochre with

vibrant greens the peeping understory

soaking up the new dew

echoed over with ghosts of great forests

how changing is the hand of man.

tall to hide the legs of beasts, they become

 horned cushions upon the carpet of whispering grasses.

aged grasses brittle and snappish

dried grasses flexy and weavish

spent grasses the nannies of the wet winters youth.

seed heads often lavender and chocolate

furry letters of hope to the earth

grasses native or traveller

which way did the wind blow you here?

surface dweller or deeply rooted

here for years or

pass with one season of romancing the winds.

grasses wild and uncut

grasses munched and shat

grasses a frivolous sunset frolic

grasses a hidey place

grasses a cushy place.

listen for the ode to grass on the breeze

chant freedom and original open prairies for grass!

let them dance their seed weighted fronds

in the winds of the whirled


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