Waking up to…


Often waking up to Lily drawing, crafting or sewing

I enjoy the surprise of what she might create in this quiet time in the morning.

I make sure she has ample good quality materials on hand

and the creations are so delightful!

It’s a joy that the space of time is unlimited right now for her creativity also,

as the school routine would often have to interupt her time of inspiration.

today it was illustrations from a Sparkle Story she heard

(this was a great treat as the first audio story in a month!)

Jesse’s sister introduced us to Sparkle Stories which are created by a Steiner Teacher and his wife

about two children who are homeschooled and their adventures and experiences as a family and in the world

Once I adjusted to his spoken accent I have come to appreciate the content and good values they share and the occasional chill out time

Lily can enjoy to listen and draw or close her eyes for a while.

We aim to minimise entertainment which is not live

so at the moment that means, no TV, very rarely movies (maybe 6 a year),  no video games,  occasionally radio or recorded music etc

this is just the norm in our household as we chose this early on,

and it was the form of my early childhood too, hence “normal”

and it suits my personal stimulation levels of what I can cope with and how connected I like to feel

and being both work from home parents, we are available for reading, games, walks, crafting etc

but it doesn’t mean limited to, restricted, never…

it means using our discernment to choose what she is exposed to at this age

knowing that we can encourage her to develop her own senses, imagination, creativity, inspiration and self directed play

Knowing of course this will all evolve as she grows and spends more time out of our home…

Anyway yak yak yakkety yak

I am enjoying being surprised by what I share in this format!

I actually got up early and did some stretching to the seaside dawn

which has me feeling so good in this body which is pretty wonky and rigid in places.

The rest of the morning flowed on sweetly with fresh coconuts, red papaya and black sapote for breakfast

I put all and more into my green smoothie this morning

I like it better without papaya I decided.

After making new friends in the playground

We went up town to look in LilyHeaven (bookshop)

followed by girls lunch date and a stroll back to the bus.

Jesse was playing music and Lily invited me up the gigantic banyan tree in the Stinger Pool Park

for a chapter of Anne of Green Gables

I took a pillow up and it was so gorgeous being held by the huge branches, tickled by dangling twisty roots

and just being together with Lily.

We resolved to take more dates

It really eases our tetchiness with each other

through reconnecting and being present and me doing what she would like to do with  me

and there I was up a tree in public reading to her!

It’s so great what the children can lead us to if we just let them..

May i remember this more.

Well I wonder what the rest of the day holds!!!

What are you doing today?

Where did you let a child lead you recently in life?

What do you remember doing with your parents that you loved?

Have you told them?



3 thoughts on “Waking up to…

  1. HI Rose, what a lovely time spent up in that tree! The thing I remember doing with my Dad on a Sunday evening, when I was probably 6 or 7, after bathtime, and whilst listening to the radio, was seeing how many playing cards I could flip into his upturned hat, which was placed almost, but not quite, out of reach! I recently mentioned this to Jas, and she thought it would be a great thing to try with her girls, but I think they are a little young for it just yet! They enjoyed trying! Sad I didn’t get round to sharing that memory with my Dad. . . . Glad Lily is enjoying Sparkles too. Love to you all, Jane xx

  2. Hi Rose, I remember my Dad making toys with me when I was little. This often involved plaster of paris and latex, wood, nails or glue. I think that’s why I love making things. I don’t fear learning new things, I feel happy and excited. Love to you all. Rae

  3. Dear Rosie

    From now on I’m also a follower of your blog 🙂 It’s a joy to look at the beautiful pictures, read your inspiring words and to get an impression what your life is like.
    I admire your and your families creativity.
    We (my husband, Alexander and his girlfriend) just returned from a trip to the island elba in italy. It was wonderful. We went sailing every day and spent a lot of time with the lovely people running the sailing school.

    I wish you a relaxing time with your family.

    Fiona (from switzerland;-))

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