Naidoc festival cairns

Chanced upon crowds on the esplanade
A wonderful feeling to be a pale minority in the crowd of indigenous folk
What a rare occurrence!
Watching families generations language culture playing
My neighbors but leagues apart
Crying over the singing of
Solid rock they were standing on sacred ground…
So moved by the moment

I was pretty raw already and that just bust my heart open

Young men dancing

Some awkward teen self conscious

Some traditional strong beautiful
one with grace and long fingered fluid beauty



And to juxtapose that moment and keep flowing with the day!!

lily had her wish come true and rolled about inside a giant marble !


And then I loved these woven metal fish in the expanse of sky

I weave these fish out of coconut front and this giant version is gorgeous

This moment was my Friday moment

I felt soothed and bathed in softest of clouds

And came back in to myself a little bit…


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