How often I post

Noticing an arrhythmic rhythm happening
Where I will write and upload photos on the weekend as during the week we are out of range of technology
I am actually getting a little backlog (especially of the crafty things we do)
that is an amusing concept to me…
Well it’s all squeezed into the gaps in the day of a mama…
How do those other mummy’s manage it all?
So as not to keep you hanging and all…
You can look forward to a weekend post and if lucky some in the week…
I hope you are enjoying the glimpses
you voyeuristic folks!
I hope you are enjoying the journey of your own days
Tell me
What are you enjoying about my boggle?
What do you think of our lifestyle?
Would you join us on the road?
In what sort of travel style do you like to move?
With good humor


2 thoughts on “How often I post

  1. Hi Rosalinde,
    I am enjoying reading your blog. I am also a little envious of your travelling lifestyle. I just worked out that its nearly 3 months since I have been anywhere further than Coffs! Time to venture a little further I think.
    Yesterday I visited your old house which now has new stairs. I asked the new owners if I could collect bark and sticks for kindling and they basically said no 😦 Well they kindly said I could take a little but they would be using it and they are thinking of removing those trees 😦
    Otherwise all is good – Oliver has started Little Kindy, Luka is standing up all by himself and Kersten is in Sydney for a few days.
    Thanks for your inspiration, and please say hello to Lily from us.
    Love Beth xx

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