Waking up to

Waking up to sadness that we are so far from my family.
My Oma in Germany has had a serious accident and as often before I wish I was close enough to see her and be with my family.
I was the first born in my lineage in Australia. My parents are of Swiss and German heritage.
We have a beautiful big extended family in europe whom we have oft visited and write and email on occasion.
But I do mourn the lack of intimacy in these relationships. We simply haven’t had much time and shared experiences.
Sometimes I watch families gatherings and wonder what It’s like to have 12 cousins and their kids together!
It’s probably a familiar story for a lot of people.
And here I am with four sisters and a brother in Australia and I choose to live on the other side of the continent for climate and lifestyle choices at the moment!
When I saw my younger brother and sister from Germany last year I was moved by how gorgeous they are and how little I know about how they have grown up.
My sisters and I have often said how we missed having relatives nearby and how we have become very sentimental about these pieces of old family furniture and carpets and objects as symbols of family connection.
I cherish my gifts from my family, among them mums little cast iron pancake pan!

So Letter writing and drawing was the order of the morning. It’s a joyful, still activity which I share with Lily and now Cedar who wants to come and have his hands and feet traced and draw all over everything! The big two year old circles.


2 thoughts on “Waking up to

  1. So sorry to hear about your Oma Rose – I do hope she gets well soon. From the stories you have told me of her, she has been an active and strong woman, so this should stand her in good stead – did she have a fall? Yes, I can relate to what you say about choosing to be on the other side of the continent from your sisters and brother, and of course, your Mum and Keith. It felt the same for me when we moved from the UK, and it seemed like another planet away. So glad we now have skype and email for quick access. I will be thinking of you all, and sending love to your Oma. Take care of your precious family, love Jane x

    • Thank you Jane
      She did fall and break both legs. Her circulation is so bad from the diabetes it’s not a good situation long term. Hopefully will return home once more.
      Lovely knowing you are keeping up with us:)
      Love R

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