Innot hot springs

Oh Lordy this is divine!
This unassuming little creek is actually fed with scalding (about 70’c) spring water from deep in the earth!
We are enjoying our most luxurious bathing in months!
Phil I hope you get to visit here, you’d be totally blissed!
Even sitting on the course sand the heat is radiating up to my grateful skin as the ambient temperature is 20’c and windy
This is the second hot spring I’ve visited in Australia, the other being Douglas hot springs in the NT in 2005. In 2008 we visited the thermal bath town of Renne Les Bains in southern France which was another delightful setting …
The humble natural location here is appealing to me, and results in it being very quiet. No tourist spectacle in sight. Dig a hole and soak in it. Simple.

today under thick marshmallow cloud, in my five minutes of undisturbed bathing I could lay in my hot puddle and watch the antics of the raucous parrots in the overhead flowering gum. To me that was bliss…
Joy. Hope to have a peaceful soak under the stars tonight with the silver smile of new moon as my mirror.

Go give your bathtub some love…

We’ve stayed two nights here to luxuriate in the mineral waters!
In the camp ground are six pools of varying heat to slip between.
Lily is a happy fish
We went for some mama daughter time this sunset and stopped with our feet in the hot creek lay back looking at the skyscape. Talking planets, moon cycles, stars and imagining experiencing space travel.
Precious time to connect after a spat of conflict over dinner.
Lily found ochre to paint us up and made a coconut shell boat with anchor


The view from my bathing place I am loving the blue sky sky sky




It’s rare to find the dreaming story of a place do easily. I loved retelling it for my family

It sure beat
The water meets the magma heat 600m below ground. It expands and is forced to the surface through fractures in the rock.

One thought on “Innot hot springs

  1. man, you’re teasing me! It is a great part of the world, I lived and worked in Malanda, and visited Innot Hot Springs regularly. You are in a mic part of the world….

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