Something for everyone

Meet the newest member of our family!

I Saw Jesse go out for fruit and come back with this vintage Guild 12 string guitar (78) we think.
A bargain love!
Like most of us it needs a bit of loving to shine, but will soon be singing.
My op shop treasures today




All English or Australian made vintage crockery

I liked matching the teacups with odd saucers…
To add to…

My growing stash of crockery for our next home:)
Don’t tell Jesse…

Our bus also got a treat today …

New front tyres… Again…
To keep us safe we get new front tyres every big trip and shuffle the previous ones to the back. $300 ea

The children got their fun at Muddys playground on the esplanade in cairns. Maybe the coolest playground I’ve come across, it extends along the water front with shady, age differing play areas and lots of water play.









So we all got a little of our own style of fun today!
It’s only lunchtime so there’ll be more…
On our way to the post office to get lots of parcels and letters! I hope…
What are you doing today?
What is your style of fun?
What’s your latest thrifty find?
Do you collect something?

10 thoughts on “Something for everyone

  1. hello darling sister,, loving your photos and very jealous of your plate find. Keep me in mind for that kind of crockery, I love it. PS sorry but the woollen knitted nappy pants don’t fit. Kaylyn too chubby. can’t get them over the nappy, the waist is too small. such a big girl lots love Theresa

    • Thanks for visiting Dave.
      It sounds atrocious with 6 strings but it’s now in the hands of luthiers at cloud nine guitars, so will be humming soon.
      A restoration project.
      Do you play?

      • Roselinde,
        I do play. I have a Paul Reed Smith electric. I am enjoying your blog. Show an after pic of the guitar when you get it back.

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