welcome home, come inside…

hello, here we are!

it’s taken me a long time for two reasons

I don’t have a wide angle lens for interior photography



my ego.

I have to face it.

I am house proud, and to be so public as to put it on the internet! phew thats been a process!

So I am humbling myself and facing the fear,

and I tidied up and cleared out the boxes of market produce and instruments (see the pile by the door!)

and our warm hearted friend has lent me his fabulous wide angle lens so I can show you the interior of our little home on wheels…

See I couldn’t get out of it…

she is a 1990 Toyota coaster bus, purchased as an ex school bus in 2005, with lots of help we have refitted the entire bus except engine

she came with a reconned 2H, 6 cylinder land cruiser engine, mayte…

we have raised the roof 40cm with an aluminium clad frame and extra windows as we are both tall.

It totally changes the space into a room rather than a den with alot more airflow and light.

we have a 3m awning which extends from the side there, still hanging on with the improvised attatchments Keith helped Jesse put up years ago!

a friend once entered and said something about how bohemian it was in here! I loved that!

we have used as much timber (recycled pine and jarrah) and ply to create a cosy atmosphere

coupled with beautiful woven fabrics and all the colourful acoutrements of our life

here we have home.

sometimes crowded sometimes jumbled sometimes irritating sometimes comforting sometimes tedious sometimes overwhelming sometimes adventurous

we have a luxurious king size eco latex bed with a wool top for total comfort. well really, you need to feel comfy if you happen to be sleeping in a car park!

Cedars’s cot is up on the bed in this pic above and it comes down at night to rest on the wooden chests at night.

The big square of timber at the bed end is a fold up table and also allows access to storage under the bed.

a proper kitchen sink donated by our friends in Fremantle

thats our grey shrouded Waeco 40L fridge on the right, it runs off a massive truck battery which is housed in the ply box underneath.

Here is Miss Lily’s bed, this doubles as our travelling seats with lap belts during travel

I am very proud of her quilt which is my first “proper” quilt I made last year from vintage embroidered linens and japanese floral prints

I entered it in the Bellingen agricultural show and picked up a prize! unashamed brag moment!

Cedar’s car seat is tucked behind the driver…

our newest edition on this trip is the high light coloured shelving along the right hand side and at the front in this shot.

This practical storage has been so appreciated, it’s main purpose was to house all the bulk organic food items I have in big jars in the kitchen.

its pretty full, there’s alot going on in here!

some bits are in eternal chaos and others are neat. Like us I suppose…

most things have a permanent home…

we cook up on the kitchen bench or outside with a small gas cooker. It’s blue, can you see it in this shot below?

the two big bolts in the floor hold up our 100L stainless steel water tank

and here we have

the bus dwellers…

some titles on my bookshelf

The River Cottage family cookbook

The Childrens Year

The fragrant Pharmacy

A guide to child Health

Eco Colour

The Secret Garden

Two Centuries of Australian Poetry

The  Handbook of natural plant dyes

Tantric sex for men

NVC parenting workbook from The Heart Of Parenting

My family and other animals

what are you reading?

thanks for stopping by! it’s a beautiful day

how is your home feeling at the moment?

do you want to invite me over?
ten minutes later….just kidding…

this is the before photos! see, ego slaying…

that’s the thing about such a small home, it’s easily moved into chaos and fullness and lived-in-ness,

and it only takes 20 minutes to bring to show home status!!

8 thoughts on “welcome home, come inside…

    • Yes Kylie! They are really special. I was about to write how the curtains where from the house my sister grew up in but it all sounded a bit confusing! My godfather now step dad etc etc!
      Anyway they are gorgeous and I appreciate them a lot !
      Love rose

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