A hobby giveaway…

Well Rae you guessed it! Yes it’s running! Each morning I don those great white clod hoppers and head into the dawn!
I will send you this beautiful bowl!

Thank you to everyone for playing. I also have tried slack lineing Bry but Lily is the master of that one.


I run
I become the wind
Whirling thermal early morning
sea eagle swirling
I exhale early dew and dissolve into a long tide
What shore is the other side?
A vast silver silk quilt is the ocean
The blooming dawn of marigold fire procures
A liquid wake of gold for each witness
Sun rises with outstretched arms
Amber speckles the mercury bath
Yonder mountains garbed in
pearl mist veils
Tangles of tree tresses into the cool water
I expand into the day
Energized and more self connected
I prowl into unknown places within and without
My will is awakened
I am rhythm and breath
The sky and the days potential and me are stainless
I rapturously absorb this silent solitude
The reverie of dawn
My jaunty joggers my quiet companion
I follow my own footsteps home
Be my own guide




2 thoughts on “A hobby giveaway…

  1. I’m so pleased I guessed you’re running. I will happily wait until you return to get my beautiful bowl. What a lovely place you’re in and such gorgeous photos. When do you head back this way? I miss our crafty times. Be well and happy.

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