It’s the end of another day! Phew
I enjoy my quiet dark sanctuary…
And time for mama fun on the bloggle…
We have had a couple of really tricky days! High emotions, illness, injury, tiredness, sadness, awful campsites, interests in opposite directions etc…
And here we are in the less than ideal roadside creek side grassed picnic area which clearly two signs indicating
No Camping.
Umm well we had to suddenly abandon camp choice one as neighbor brought out 12 volt tv and played tv shows loudly to hum of generator! Why do some people go camping?
So here we are and I needed to remember gratitude and humor
I am grateful I took the camera on our mama children walk to the creek at mt Molloy today
I am grateful for…
luminous blue hued sky after an overcast week
Creek side peace and the hypnotizing affect the water has on children
Jesse cooking a scrumptious dinner for us
We are warm and dry and together
At bedtime Cedar gigglingly pulled me to look under his quilt at…
Every small toy he could find tucked into bed. I am loving the two year old humor and games
Grateful he willingly packed them all away again…
I was grateful to my warm hearted friend who suggested the app SkyWalk for my phone so I could identify mars and Saturn in the sky by the moon tonight and talk planetary wonder with family
Grateful the moon was playing peepo in the clouds to help C relax into bedtime, he watched her sky games for a good ten minutes

That photo may just look like licorice… One day I will get a great telephoto lens…
Grateful for the room to stretch on the floor and the person who showed me how two tennis balls rolled about under your shoulders,back and butt can release a lot of tension and imitate some deep pressure massage
Grateful my legs are so sore because it means I really did go horse riding in the bush for two hours on a giant thoroughbred on Tuesday and run/walk four km
Grateful for the potential of a good nights sleep…
Much more but sleep is knocking…

Some days flow and some days don’t
And that’s ok because tomorrow is a new day…

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