Port Douglas Markets and more musing s…

Port Douglas Markets and more musings…




We have been away for three weeks now on the West Coast.

I’ve just been editing photographs from our last weeks in Far North Queensland.

those beautiful waterways! the warmth and fresh fruit! being outdoors…


i mean really, look at me in swimmers and being painted by a little angel with river ochre!

less than a month ago!

In my bones until next time…

It’s hard to fathom Jesse will be playing his last set for the year at the Port Douglas markets today.

followed by a sunset dinner by the sea probably.

We are in such different realities at the moment, when usually we travel life together.

I’m only just starting to miss my companion and dear friend…

i’ve been wrapped up in the joy and busy-ness of family time and the enjoyment of space from the relating ship,

which is still happening, but I’ve passed half way of the trip and I think my soul is

preparing to travel East again and thoughts are coming in about my friends and family there.

It makes me aware just how difficult it is to simply be present!

Without anticipating the next chapter of life, or even the next moment of life.

How much of my day am i just trully being in the moment?

I know I relish it when I notice i have come in for a time, and feel the richness of the moment.

it’s not that often, when I really reflect on it! neither is it always comfortable moments mind!

I’m practicing though.

When I go through a phase of doing a daily practice of meditation or yoga or somesuch I notice

my awareness is more centred for the rest of the day.

I tend to put good excuses or futurisms on why I’m not in regular practice of some time of

stillness and centering.

Like, when I have a house I will set up a space or when I’m not so tired or when I wake up tomorrow or when I am enlightened or when I grow up….

{my sisters say I was such a procrastinator as a child}

How about right now?

How about you?

What do you tell yourself, which stops you from doing some helpful practice of meditation, stretching, exercise, centering, movement or so on?

or what do you tell yourself which gets you going with it again?

well that was not what I’d been planning to write about! but reading back I enjoy the surprise of it!

I had been wanting to belatedly post these photos of some of the beautiful produce and handmade crafts from the

Port Douglas Markets!

I think I’ll put them at the top of the page now…

Enjoy your spring/autumn equinox

are you celebrating it in any way?

it happens to also be Uncle D’s birthday so we had

decadent gluten free chocolate cake with cream after breakfast…



8 thoughts on “Port Douglas Markets and more musing s…

  1. I love your blog ~ life is to be valued and enjoyed to the fullest and we have to make the most of every moment that we have here with beautiful family and friends <3<3<3

    • That’s a beautiful accurate sentiment thank you Roz!
      And I’m treasuring it today just like that in the sun with my my children parents niece and sister:)
      Peace to you and yours

  2. what a treasure to discover your blog! I feel connected still to fnq as i once (many many moons ago) had a stall at port douglas markets. in response to your appreciative inquiries – i have finally given up on disuccing with myself the pros and cons of practice and instead get up and begin before my conscious mind kicks in to debate:)

  3. When I went to yoga every week, I so easily slipped into hours of being in the moment. Now it seems more like fleeting moments, which I am very appreciative of. Apart from art and crafting, walking on the beach is the other time when I feel truly present without effort. I love the pic of you getting painted. 🙂 See you soon.

    • Thanks for sharing Rae.
      I also find crafting takes me into the present and my mind goes away. I am looking forward to having regular classes again too, that’s a boon of being static I enjoy.
      See ya soon

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