Waking up to…

Waking up to…

20121005-081825.jpgmorning sunshiney

239 stitches
My biggest knitting project yet
I love a little post breakfast knitting while I defrost

Nana teaching Lily some new embroidery stitches and commenting how they both like miniature crafting

Happy anticipation of this afternoons sewing…
Hope my throat gets better one day soon as much as I like all this quiet crafting I’m missing the garden…
What are you crafting today?

2 thoughts on “Waking up to…

  1. Yesterday I gathered squishy fallen mulberries whilst picking fruit. Last night I boiled up fallen berries and dropped in a calico bag for Violet’s blocks. This morning a beautiful deep mulberry coloured bag emerged. 🙂

    • That sounds juicy and beautiful Rae! I had forgotten mulberry season will be happening in Bellingen. I’m glad I’m returning next week as I still have some silk…
      Hope I get to see your new work soon

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