Brig Amity

We have left the farm to make a few outings in the last month, honest!

We had some errands to run in Albany last week, so we amused ourselves by visiting the Brig Amity


a beautiful replica ship on the foreshore to be explored

astounding craftmanship

huge timbers and clever carving

one of  the symbolic beginnings of settlement in WA 1826

one of the symbolic end to traditional life of the indigenous people in WA

on one hand I was utterly captivated by the beauty of craftsmanship on this incredible vessel

the wonder that it {the original Amity} sailed from Canada originally

the wonder it held a farmyard of animals and 120 passengers/crew

the wonder of tiny cramped spaces and curved sides

where people shorter back then?

the delight of happy exploring children

and skippers

on my other hand was the mourning of  an incredible landscape and culture

changed so quickly

what was the sacred story of this bay or these great granite boulders

who harvested shellfish on this shore

who sheltered in the scrub there on windy days like today

who made the fish traps and brought back the bounty

who carried the fire

it’s still so fresh here in Australia as in many other places in the world

We came in out of the wind and my ponderings

and warmed ourselves with hot milk in a sweet cafe which is in the very modern world of

14 Peel Place


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