glimpses of indoors

Glimpses Of Indoors

a gallery of moments from my month with my extended family in Western Australia

a chapter of time

many shared moments

centered around the hearth

and the heart

centered around all the activities which have their place indoors

within these walls we find shelter








shared meals

shared cooking

shared cleaning up

bedtime stories

daytime stories

aunties and uncles and nana tell dinnertime stories

children tell stories


chaos leading to children being evicted to play out of doors


accomadating one another in a small space

simple consideration and attentiveness

blunt talking and honest tears

embraces and acceptance

resting places

crafting places

playing places

bathing places

glimpses of childhood

glimpses of family history

glimpses of talents and specialised skills


tools and materials




the hearth

I dearly cherish all that eventuated in this wee space of my extended family, i cherish the ease with which we relate and co-exist and the warmth under my mother’s wings…

I hope my home is ever a sanctuary for my children and they feel as safe and relaxed as I do in my mother’s home, I hope they come home from their adventures to ruffle my feathers and enliven my nest with their big grown up brightness

what is happening in your home?

what brings your family together?

**may there be peace in each of our homes**

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