a sibling moment…


dressing up is a big part of play in our household

and also from my childhood a beloved play

actually we used to make plays with the five of us girls…

that’s another story another time…

my sisters you’ll all be grinning now probably…

anyway anyway

Lily has started introducing Cedar to the idea

i love witnessing this sibling play

the helping, excitement, ideas, role play, seriousness, clumsy little feet in big gowns, cooperation, adaption, happiness, silliness

the fact that Lily is enraptured and deeply involved with the characters

and Cedar really just carries on life but with a costume on

and follows his sisi in her play

or gets on with what he was doing

and then they where ready for a formal old fashioned sibling portrait session…

 fun for them, fun for me, fun for all, fun for you?

 my costumes are still packed up but i love to join in too

 how about you?

 do you allow other inner characters to come out through how you dress?

 are you comfortable with cross gender dressing in your children?

 have you worn dress ups all day and even into town on an everyday trip? {i did, dressed as Madonna, the goddess not the singer, thanks to Lily’s encouragement}

 do you ever allow your children or someone else to choose what you wear?

~Lily wears a vintage chiffon party frock with a vintage crotcheted bed jacket waist frill and numerous under skirts

~Cedar wears Lily’s corduroy floral frock from Oma with numerous frilly puffy underskirts

look at that, he has the hang of hoisting up his hem out of the dirt already…



10 thoughts on “a sibling moment…

  1. Ha that made me laugh so much because 2 weeks ago we went to the Kelmscott Show. Gretel chose to spend her money on a Rapunzel dress up dress. Showed Nelson the boy dressups and he said ” I don’t want pirate. I want dress!” So he has a bumble bee dress that he traipses around in. Just like Cedar, he just gets on with what he was doing. Occasionally gets into character as Bumble bee boy from the ladybug girl book.

  2. love the formal photos. Poe and Ilo love to dress up at home and out and about, usually as fairies or magical kind of things. we are pretty big on not conforming to gender stereotypes with our kids (from clothing to toys to changing characters in books). xx

    • yes that is great family fun! from browsing your blog looks like you and fella dress up too!
      see you at the festi tomorrow i guess!
      that’s pretty cool to see a fellow blog mama in real time!

  3. Beautiful portraits Rosi. Hanna often dressed Danny up to the nines, often with a fountain in his hair. All good fun. Good memories. I’ll start to put together a dress-up basket for Violet. xxx

    • thanks Rae
      i hope to catch up with you soon!
      yes a joy to bring it into the life of your granddaughter!
      i imagine lots of nature dyes silk wings and capes will feature in it…
      love Roselinde

  4. Love these pics.

    We love dressing up too- as you well know!!!!

    I can’t wait until ZinnRose is a little bigger so Akira can dress her up.


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