make a paper bag…

on a cold and rainy day

we had school at home

after songs and circle games

for morning tea some nuts where cracked to accompany our fruit

our morning craft lesson was making origami paper bags from an old phone book

then a ‘shop’ game evolved between the children

go get yourself a piece of paper, any size will do, try newspaper or an old telephone bill…

here comes the method to make a handy paper container to use for a multitude of purposes

including gift wrapping, games, shopping, seed saving, storage, envelopes and and and…

{hover your mouse over the images and the written instructions will magically appear}

lay out your paper in the landscape position

i just think that’s a great re-use of our waste paper!

Lily made a bunch of little sacks to package little craft items in for the school stall.

today i feel like making a big sack to put over my head…


with giggles


ps let me know what you use your paper bags for





2 thoughts on “make a paper bag…

  1. I make my bags out of novels, at the moment it’s ‘chocolate’ and ‘cloud street’ (don’t panic, I had double copies and one was written in), they make great little parcels for our market items.

    • that is such a great idea Kylie for the markets.
      and thankyou for getting me into this and i loved your origami books for the bush wedding!
      and i tried to buy some golden books to tear up, but couldn’t quite..
      lots of love to you and your littles and big.

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