Mullumbimby music festival 2012

Last weekend we travelled up for the Mullumbimby Music Festival.

IMG_4591 IMG_4579 IMG_4563

IMG_4595 IMG_4599

It is an awesome festival! in venues all over the town with such a variety of performers so no gig is ever too crowded to enjoy, you are always sheltered from the weather and each venue has a different feel. There is a great mentoring program for youth performers and more and more! Yay Mullumbimby you are onto something really unique and fantastic. The incredibly funky Magic bus transports us from one venue to the next and the streets are lined with impromptu garage sales and market stalls, it’s a great feeling in this little town over the weekend!

I only photographed one great performance  by Loren Kate in the whole festival! crazy! next time i won’t leave my camera behind…

and being a night gig it was a new challenge for me. I was still happy with some of the shots i got though.

What do you think?

Loren Kate
Loren Kate  I got my brand new shoes on!

thankyou! flowers from a fan

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