Waking up to…

Beyond the stress and tiredness of these last days I have a great feeling in my heart!
We have completed our return to nomadic life and we left the farm on Friday.
Blessings to you and yours and mine for solstice. Here in mid coast Australia our longest day was overcast warm and gentle for me, well once I was finished packing and was able to sink into myself again…
On solstice eve I watched from dawn to a simple glowing sunset til late in the night by the glow of bonfire gold while red sparks adorned the moon.
More on solstice later.
My heart is full with the simple beauty of this mornings wake up, in a friends field by the NeverNever creek in the Promised land…
Last night we had a shared dinner cooked on the campfire. Yum

I am celebrating our return to being close together as a family in our bus home and our time in nature. Ah I love it.. I know on other days it will be so challenging and we will be on top of each other in irritation but today is good.


I stepped on a bee last night and my foot is swollen and sore… The chilly water is soothing



The irridescent morning sky fills me with hope, has that ever happened to you?
There is more, so much more
I must just hit publish now or i will miss the bus!

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