Waking up to…

Following the lead of lily’s crafty wakeups


I think that felt picture is awesome!!

This morning I needed a little craft meditation

Stem stitch, back stitch, over stitch, herringbone stitch, French knot, Chinese knot…
It’s an ambitious project I started while on retreat and it’s teaching me all these wonderful new techniques of embroidery.
I am being teased for being a granny but I am loving the peace and stillness the focus and beauty of the thousand little stitches.
After this sweet time
It evolved into a time of stressful traveling through the city, getting lost, grumping in tiredness and being overwhelmed by the sprawl.
I have become a bumpkin it’s true.
Connecting with dear friends from pre parenting days brought my smile back, ( and a touch of urban cool)
as did eating out at a fab Vietnamese eatery in northcote. Cheap and cheerful and tasty:)
We strolled down high st to the organic shop for supplies and I dove into the second hand shop, a chaotic jumble taller than me and sprawled into the vast and unreachable distance. I came out with minor shock after being accosted by a lone polka dot shoe and tripped up by a heart cake tin wearing a pink check house dress! Phew.
Thank goodness I didn’t take my purse in I think I would have been pick pocketed by the vintage jumpsuit with the sequins,,,
Feeling grateful for friends who laugh and kids who are self content and cuddly and patience from my partner and the diverse experiences I find along the way!

We travel to Tasmania on the morrow, my heart goes out ahead of me to all the people, the land and the creatures affected by the tragic bush fires these last days.
I wonder how it will be for us…

Well it’s late now. Goodnight.

2 thoughts on “Waking up to…

  1. Hi Rosi, I read your blog today and truly missed you. I wanted to be op shopping with you in Melbourne and crafting with you again. Lily’s felt picture is beautiful. You have a very clever daughter. I hope you have fun on your travels, and please remember to come back to Bellingen. I need to give you a big hug my beautiful friend. Love Rae

    • Likewise Rae!
      I wanted to stay on high st and explore and eat and stay all week being a hipster.
      Planning to return in march to bellingen so book in a squeeze!
      Yep lilyS hands are capable, I was wondering this morning what it’s like to grow up with such skills. I love making with her and look forward to Cedar joining in soon! He likes to see with a big needle in felt.
      Love rosi

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