Waking up to…


Lily is often seen whittling away at sticks with her little opinel knife
A safe mimic for Cedar is this cheap pink potato peeler! He happily spends hours peeling sticks. It’s kept in the cutlery drawer so he can get it at will.
Aside from sticks, peeling the edges of cardboard boxes amuses him…
He carefully strips the outer bark off sticks and presents them to me.
We extended the play/work this morning with a bit of sand paper to finish the wood.
Beautiful to observe his satisfaction and encouraging others to feel how smooth it is or convince them to sand the wood for him!!


I feel pleased as a peacock when I find a happy safe solution to creative play!

One thought on “Waking up to…

  1. Wonder how often he’s watched his Dad whittling down a log to make a didge!?! I always was fascinated by whittling too . . . Well done on finding him something fairly safe to whittle with. I still take bits of my nails off with those peelers though!

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