Spirit of Tasmania

Melbourne to Devonport express…




















Reacquainted myself with all day nausea like in pregnancy
Wandered decks and corridors
Have thanks for white bedecked bunks
Played ball with a vest
Had hilarity visit while taking care of
12 apples
1 box strawberries

1 peach

1kg apricots

3 avocadoes
1 broccoli
1 zucchini
4 carrots
2 bunch asparagus
So as not to lose beautiful organic produce to a quarantine bin

Lily was dedicated to the task


Happy to get feet on soil
Lily was a trooper
Cedar was a sleeper
Jesse was an adventurer
Mama was a smuggler (organic garlic plait from dear friends, sorry Tasmania)
Arriving was waving
Driving was exploring
Stopping was adoring
Made instant friends
Lucked out with the location
Sunset was expanding
Seashore was restoring
Nothing to do but snoring…


our next chapter has begun


Waking up to…

Following the lead of lily’s crafty wakeups


I think that felt picture is awesome!!

This morning I needed a little craft meditation

Stem stitch, back stitch, over stitch, herringbone stitch, French knot, Chinese knot…
It’s an ambitious project I started while on retreat and it’s teaching me all these wonderful new techniques of embroidery.
I am being teased for being a granny but I am loving the peace and stillness the focus and beauty of the thousand little stitches.
After this sweet time
It evolved into a time of stressful traveling through the city, getting lost, grumping in tiredness and being overwhelmed by the sprawl.
I have become a bumpkin it’s true.
Connecting with dear friends from pre parenting days brought my smile back, ( and a touch of urban cool)
as did eating out at a fab Vietnamese eatery in northcote. Cheap and cheerful and tasty:)
We strolled down high st to the organic shop for supplies and I dove into the second hand shop, a chaotic jumble taller than me and sprawled into the vast and unreachable distance. I came out with minor shock after being accosted by a lone polka dot shoe and tripped up by a heart cake tin wearing a pink check house dress! Phew.
Thank goodness I didn’t take my purse in I think I would have been pick pocketed by the vintage jumpsuit with the sequins,,,
Feeling grateful for friends who laugh and kids who are self content and cuddly and patience from my partner and the diverse experiences I find along the way!

We travel to Tasmania on the morrow, my heart goes out ahead of me to all the people, the land and the creatures affected by the tragic bush fires these last days.
I wonder how it will be for us…

Well it’s late now. Goodnight.

Waking up to…

Waking up to a full day.
I have a few drafts of interesting thoughtful wordy posts, yet they will have to wait as here and now I am wiped out by the heat of the day, the long hours on a blazing highway (sydney to Melbourne) the crisp golden tortured landscape, glaring light and engine buzz, cranky hot kids and it’s just been one of those long travel days.
It’s forecast to be 43’c tomorrow so we have tried to position ourselves close to Melbourne so a little morning drive completes the trip. I will be putting wet tea towels in the fridge to cool us…
This day began so cool in Jugiong with a chill wind, deep shade and a patch of thick grass for stretching, I had a great session, so inspired by my days at mangrove yoga centre last week. Finding it has strengthened my ability to focus quietly inwards despite external distraction. Simply connecting with my own breath and being.
then Jesse was joined by Cedar who mimics our postures!


Cutie boy had his second hair cut last night by his own insistence and was coyly hiding behind his big leaf for his portrait, also at his request…



I had a sweet date with the two shorts at the cafe but the shots are on the other camera…
Anyway there was
Lots of kilometers …
Lots of gold, parched slopes…
Little water, yet lush willows are squatting down in dry gully’s so it must be wet sometimes…
Jesse and I are both revelling in the feelings such an expanse of vivid sky reveals…
He reminds me I originally wanted to call this blog ‘ under open skies’ which was evocative and original i thought, but turned out to be a famous song and used by various others for a myriad of causes already. Boo.

And some swimming gratefully in man made lakes and then finally a halt is called and we spill outside as the sun finally lowers its invasive glare for the eve. Phew we survived.
This land is so crunchy underfoot , the fire hazard is extreme. I hope the rains come before any burning disaster.
Lily is showing a new found appreciation for food and commented today was a great eating day how do we do it mama?
Eggs and sourdough toast with tomato compote( cafe)
Nori rolls with all the trimmings
Cherries and lychees
More sourdough loaf with goats cheese pesto and salad.
Mm simple and tasty and no cooking for me today! Yay!
What do you feed yourselves when in transit?

And then I was so tickled by the beauty of the suns departure tonight!
I rarely see it set over lake water and tonight it really shimmered so peachily and peacefully
Ah sweet relief as the day cools
We are at lake nillahcootie, not an official camp spot but it seems quiet enough for an overnight stay.
Oh bed I love you! And I’m loving the new wool stuffed pillows I chose as our family Christmas gift!




Ps my blogging/boggling may not be chronological or consistent for a while as I adjust to being a traveling lady again and work within the bounds of technology and time on the road, I do a lot of imaginary blogging on busy days so I hope you enjoy those as much as I’ve enjoyed composing the words and stories which you may never get to read…