Right now

Right now I am knitting, ( a requested pink beret) while I alternately watch my daughter now named
( miss wholoveshulahoop!)
Happily hooping and my boy happily digging and sandy.
Adventure bay, bruny island, beautiful tranquil sheltered bay, warm sun, island vista, full belly, simple joy after a few confused and anxious days:)
So grateful the wheel keeps turning!


7 thoughts on “Right now

      • Hi, thank you so much for blogging The Craft Hive and our current crafty cause! Much appreciated. YES, so many more events on the horizon. Next Thursday (14th) we will ‘Stitch Together’ again from 11-2pm and then the following 3 Wednesday’s from 11-2pm, Catherine will be hosting a craft session also – more deets to come. Love to meet you and again THANK YOU ❤

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