Crafting community for Tasmanian fire victims

I have just been linked up with The Craft Hive

and associated community in Tasmania

who are working in a practical heartfelt effort to

create a collection of hand and heart made items

{toys, blankets, clothes etc etc}

to help replace the treasured items

for the many people who have lost their possessions

in the recent tragic fires

if you have an impulse to make something

{knit or crotchet some squares}

or encourage your children to make something

please go to their website

The Craft Hive

or contact direct at

or look them up on facebook if you are into that!

thankyou to all the wonderful people working together

and my heart goes out to those affected by the fires

here in tasmania and in other states

and the floods

oh my lord

Australia is being hammered right now!





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