Waking up to… (Easter Sunday)

Easter baskets with gifts from the Easter Hare and a bush hunt for round treasures…
Happy sighs of ohh as crystals, golden suns, wooden eggs, fruit(apple plum passionfruit) sultanas and yes a few squares of G&B organic chocolate are revealed from their shiny silver paper!

Happy new Beginnings to you all

4 thoughts on “Waking up to… (Easter Sunday)

  1. It sounds like a lovely way to celebrate. We just had a simple morning, the girls wake up to an empty jar to use to collect eggs hidden in their room, a book each, an egg cup and then a plastic egg with glue and crafty objects to decorate. After that we just hung out with family at the park. Sorry to take so long to reply. Hope you are enjoying the holiday break. 🙂

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