What Katie requested.

a recurring theme of my year so far has been the gift of friendship

again and again i am overcome with gratitude to these unique people who have time and space and words and ears for me and vice versa and the precious and mundane moments we share, the interest in each others lives, from the deep processes and vulnerable sharing to, how are you handling the lice on your children?

one of my dear friends is Katie

What she did is varied and inspirational

Loving motherhood, wise partnership, humorous perspective, deep knowledge, inspirational blogging at Obaitori, gentle guide in yoga and yogic studies, creative attentive mumsy, phone a friend availability and more and more….

anyway, we rarely have time together but

during our last visit in March, Katie requested this recipe

presented just like this {authentic glimpse into my bookshelf}

so here it is dear on the original kookaburra note paper


it has nothing to do with the River Cottage {though there are lots of good recipes in there}

i found it in a backwater town in highland Qld in an old camp cookbook

It is simply

Pour 1c Arborio rice or medium grain white rice into a deep baking dish/camp oven

cover with

approx 4c liquid {milk/water blend to your taste}

add a diced apple or two

dot with butter

cover tightly with a lid or foil

bake at 180’c about 40 minutes or til liquid mostly absorbed and rice cooked


serve with whatever yummy toppings

honey, maple, chopped nuts, fruit, berry sauce, ice cream….


add 1 tspn cinnamon and 1/2 c sultanas or black currants to the mix

endless variety or simplicity


thanks for being my friend

when we are old ladies we can take endless beach walks with a thermos and our knitting…


6 thoughts on “What Katie requested.

  1. Rosie! I am always to shy to comment… But i love keeping up with your journey! You write beautifully and your pictures are so inspiring! My rice pudding is in the oven at this very moment! I hope it looks as yummy as your photos… Wala is very excited! I also have a new baby girl kicking around my kitchen floor, dali grace! 5 weeks old. Come visit our rainbow house when your heading north again. Huge love sister!!!

    • oh Shaye welcome to your little girl! i have been wondering about you lately… Well done mamalove you did it!!!
      I imagine you are in grace and love and I hope you have the support you need to intergrate baby two
      thankyou for your beautiful words, i love to hear from you:)
      how did the pudding turn out?
      blessings to you all

      • Thanks Rosie. Its been a pretty amazing experience so far! The pudding turned out awesome! I am going to make some mini ones for walas birthday party this week! Thanks for the amazingly simple recipe! You’re really awesome! Huge love to the whole family!

  2. awww. the deep, relaxing, restful, easy company of old friends…mmmm. Like old socks, a hot water bottle and a beanie.

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