7 thoughts on “This moment…

  1. well done fingers! i need me a little girl to braid the hair of… when i was in high school we used to sit in a big circle and do each others’ hair. i learned inside out and fishtail, but have never tried a spiral. it’s so pretty.

    • thankyou! i had a lot of fun braiding. With four older sisters, the one with the ideal hair for braiding complained of a sensitive scalp… so now I get to live it out with Lily! yay…

  2. Thats amazing! I’ve never seen this style. I imagine after the braids come out Lilly’s hair would be falling in lovely rings and swirls. xxx

    • pretty beautiful huh! her hair was a big wavy frizz! I’m having a lot of fun with her longer hair again, and she is willing to sit still for the result! one day you and Delphina…. or maybe i can do one on you…..

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