Ads yuck!

Today I visited my website to have a reflection on how it’s looking and I’m disgusted to see ads on it!
Where the … Did they come from? I’m so livid that cheeky someone has got into my sight. And with such inappropriate images. Yuck!!
I’m working on getting rid of them and I apologize if you’ve been disgusted too.

2 thoughts on “Ads yuck!

    • Thanks Kylie. Phew. They are gross big booby girls in bikinis and stuff!! I’m shocked and feel invaded. But will handle it. Enjoying a mini holiday with a single friend!!! Had a big walk on the beach and having space for my thoughts and feelings to explore to completion is novel! Do you go away on your own ever? If you could where would you go? Lots love I’d be honored if you visit my blog!

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