Right now

Right now..
After walking lily to the bus we stop at the p ground. Could become a ritual.
Playing grocers with cedar an endless exchange of bark fruit and vegetables for bark payment.
Feeling present
Enjoying springish air and birds and flowers
Aiming to stay relaxed and engaged
Witnessing number counting naturally occur
Giggling over cheeky grins
Impulse to share a simple moment between games.
Joy to stop the rush and play
Life can be small and childish
What are you doing?
Do you take time to play each day with your littles? I want to.
Now back to play another game

Later we spend a looooong time sweeping the deck and tip trucking the leaves into the box for the garden.
Boy happy garden jobs helpful working focus together purpose noise fun busy


4 thoughts on “Right now

  1. Hey there we just got your awesome letter what a lovely surprise after s big day at the beach. Bodie and Donny were super excited and adore me reading to them and we all love Lilys drawing thankyou Lily.
    We shall write again soon my boys are chilling watching Sharks tail and eatting yummy snacks. Emma 🙂 xxxx

  2. Hi Rosi, welcome back! isn’t this weather just glorious? I am aiming to keep paint and paper at the ready, enjoying sweeps of glorious colour, good for both me and he, after breakfast, after drop off, after lunch… then we go our own sweet ways, for a little while at least! x tali

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