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  1. Hi Rosalinde, Im katy and have been having a good look at your wonderful weaving. Like yourself I have been bitten by the bug and as Im currently house sitting in Vanuatu Im making the most of a readily available supply of fronds! I spent a full day trying to make the dilly basket from looking closely at your lovely photographs. I love your blog and lifestyle, seems we have many things in common. My husband Jason and I live a life on the road too. We house sit all over the globe and travel mainly by motorbike. I love to make and do, and Jason is a photographer we both spend most of our time doing and experimenting in all things creative from cooking to writing, painting and drawing sewing and anything that require fingers and brains. We hail from the UK but live in Aus, and when we are not taking excellent care of other peoples homes and pets we are based in Korora near Coffs Harbour, not far from the wonderful Bellingen. I wondered if you might like to chat more and maybe meet up when we return to Aus at the end of January. Im not sure how best to further email should you like to meet, but we keep a blog too, though I’m still learning how to do it! tags and meta data being very foreign to me and my non techy brain. Our site is wearethehousesitters.com if you want to have a proper chat Id love to hear from you and share some weaving tips and tales. Thanks for the lovely blog, seems like you have a happy simple time of things. Happy Christmas and New Year,very best, Katy and Jason

  2. Oooooh!!! I would love to make one of these! Did you invent the pattern yourself, or did you get directions for it somewhere? I would love to know the particulars, since I have not made one of these yet. I see the mid-rib is on the outside. I have made a flat-ish, Thai decorative plate before, which also has that part on the outside. This almost seems like a cross between that and the Ohana bowl I know how to make. Hmmm…

    I lost my laptop a while back, due to the motherboard frying, and I just got a new (actually used!) one to replace it. Sorry for losing touch for so long! Since we last wrote to one another, I have learned to make purses with closing flaps, and even invented a backpack, which is proving to be a popular item! I would love to share pictures with you, if you send me your e-mail address. 🙂

    Happy weaving!

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