6 thoughts on “Right now

    • Thanks Rae. It is important to remember I’m brave! What a blessed life if I remember to look!! Lots of love and thankyou for your loving nannying with the children x I guess your off to your grand kids any day? Xx

  1. Rosi love!!! you gorgeous thing!! where are you gypsies at ?? we are beginning our sawment wall construction adventure in a few weeks and are rounding up willing folk to get involved, camp out, learn the technique and have funi fun fun with us… as usual we would love to see your beautiful selves if not then, next time you are in our hood xxx

    • Dalee! Hiya from Germany!!i bet you ciuldnt guess that! Im so gkad to here next phase is coming on for home and only sorry to miss the festivities! I hoppe lots come to hel you and pleass remind me your website gratitude… So i can see what youre up to.
      Lots of love from me and my new accordian!

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