The beginning

This purchase heralds the beginning of our next adventure. Fiat Ducato home sweet home!


We left Bellingen one month ago (gracefully and with the help of many friends, thankyou) and many tales have unfolded to get us here.
Today waking up and looking out at our new/old very old van posing against the old, very old barns i realise its sinking in. I am here, I really am here, in the warmth of my German parents home preparing to tour Europe for the next months. It sure is memory making time. I endeavour to keep myself creatively inspired and wordsmithing over this time. I hope you enjoy the journey with us! May we all travel our lives with ease, good humour and the courage to meet what comes.

10 thoughts on “The beginning

  1. ‘Tis perfectly gorgeous Darling. I look forward to seeing the journey as you merry along. Have fun! Make sure you post lots of photos for us all to see!!! And by the way, I fixed my camera so I’ll be blogging again. Gosh, I’ve missed my camera. Love you lots Darling. Take precious care on those autobarns. Much love, Katie xxx

    • Thank you Katie dear! I’m on the threshold of this adventire and I’ve been thinking of how your family makes the upstairs downstairs camper van fun!! Xx love to you and yours

    • Hi Sam! She’s spacious! It’s great to be able to stand inside. With a bit(lots) of mechanical love and a fixed tap we will be rolling away to the southern mountains! Love Rose

  2. Whooohee, looking good. I’ve been wondering if you had wheels yet – not long to Switzerland time!! Looking forward to hearing your travel tales. Love to you all (a tight squeeze in there!) Jane x

    • Thankyou Jane!
      It will all begin soon. The next chapter! I already have so many precious memories. It was gorgeous to have our first week in Cornwall with you. Did I send you photos yet? Glad you’re home safe and getting cosy for winter. Xx R

  3. I’ll really enjoy following your journey, I think of you often Rosie, you have a maturity beyond your years and your postings are highly valued by me because you touch on so many things that I like to touch on too. Loved the photo of you and your musical purchase, made me smile xx

    • Hi Annemarie. I’m pleased to see you in this space and I appreciate your encouragement! I know you have poetry spilling from your heart and I’m glad you’re coming along for the ride! I found a beautiful poem to share next week x

    • Thanks Tamar!
      I’m returning slowly to this habit! It makes me happy and I love to stay connected to my people. I imagine you’re cosying up for a mild winter by the beach. Ah sunshine!!
      Love to your family also xx r

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