If the shoe fits.

A comedy relief.


Last week traipsing across the river bed My sore toes where thinking “what I need is river shoes to protect my feet, this is rough going!”
A moment later I found a pretty sparkly right shoe stranded on a mid river rock! A bit small but wow! That was quick!
“What I need now is a left shoe!”
Aha there on a log is a giant men’s thong. Left foot of course!
Fantastic! That set of giggling!

Next time I will ask for a matching pair in my size….

And look what I found today when I went for a rock hop and a swim! A pair of abandoned river shoes in my size.


I give Thanks for the small amusements in life! Now, why doesn’t that house and land appear….

Anyway, As the saying goes…

Have you got a wishing story to share?

2 thoughts on “If the shoe fits.

  1. When you ask for little things you do so with a light heart and a laugh. So they quickly arrive. I think we forget to ask for bigger things with the same attitude.

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