Naidoc festival cairns

Chanced upon crowds on the esplanade
A wonderful feeling to be a pale minority in the crowd of indigenous folk
What a rare occurrence!
Watching families generations language culture playing
My neighbors but leagues apart
Crying over the singing of
Solid rock they were standing on sacred ground…
So moved by the moment

I was pretty raw already and that just bust my heart open

Young men dancing

Some awkward teen self conscious

Some traditional strong beautiful
one with grace and long fingered fluid beauty



And to juxtapose that moment and keep flowing with the day!!

lily had her wish come true and rolled about inside a giant marble !


And then I loved these woven metal fish in the expanse of sky

I weave these fish out of coconut front and this giant version is gorgeous

This moment was my Friday moment

I felt soothed and bathed in softest of clouds

And came back in to myself a little bit…


The long dark night…

New Moon in the Western sky at sunset Kuranda

In the hushed glow of new moon

an invitation to join the Candlenut Steiner community

with Winter Solstice forces gathered round

Lily and the beautiful handmade lantern lent to her

a parade of glowing gold and soft singing through the grounds

to the green, adorned with leaved spiral and central alter

children in a ring of gold

families in quiet witness

each class had different handmade lanterns and encircled the green

lights doused and deep invocations spoken

the single glow in the centre

our reminder of inner light

soft spiralling of glowing children

inwards to the light and kindle ones own flame

a quiet delight and gratitude welling in my soul

to witness and enjoin in ceremony

bathe in the singing night

my children close by

joy to ground here

feel and hear and sense the vibrancy around me

a deep breath

our first stop after the roadtrip

a blessing to help the intergration

my inner wobbly and wonky

i emerged into peace

blanketed by night and kissed by stars and candlelight

the magic of night

the beauty of that which is bright

may i remember in the long dark nights of my life

the shiningness




one kind word

one kind deed

the moments we can create and say yes to

the moments we can hold our children in

then encourage them to fly into the experience of life

to feel their own centre

and find their own connections

to feel their own solitude in the journey

and know their connection to all

as a birth right

may peace and insight be with you

and me

as we turn once more to the sun


with enormous gratitude to the Candlenut community for including us in your very special celebration