it’s been a long time since i’ve archived Lily’s art so here are a bunch for her fans x


On Cedar’s request. Lily and Cedar with his favorite birds. Blue Fairy Wrens and the brown Fairy Wren girls and some babies. 
IMG_0010 Lydia had an ice-skating 10th birthday party! such a great experience Lily has been longing for since I told her stories from my childhood ice experiences.IMG_0009a Family portrait. 

Lily has an incredible connection with birds. She talks with the kookaburras each morning and has names for those whose call she recognises. at the river a kookaburra alighted less than a foot away and connected with her for some long moments before returning above us and watching our fireside rest. Lily revealed that morning she had asked the kookaburras to come close to her, when she heard them singing in the dawn. Biscuit, her pet as she crowned the river kookaburra.
IMG_0105the following three illustrations are from summer in Tasmania, we where exploring The Norse Myths for Lily’s main lesson and enjoying the  legends and the creation concepts. Lily and her dragon. Yggdrasil tree of creation. The creation of man and woman from an Ash tree and an Elm tree.IMG_2807IMG_2805IMG_2806

IMG_2837a fairy house. my guess is that’s lily upstairs reading..
IMG_0012during the genie days… Ringo my miniature Genie is the caption.IMG_0101Cedar is becoming a fine artist in his own right. drawing brings us all together at times. a happy squishy moment for me to witness.